Merry Xmas! Modding Support!

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Tripwire Interactive Staff
Dec 3, 2015
After a few years of working out the details in order to make this happen... we have audio modding support. Like, real, live, full on modding. This is in it's early stages and I am sure there will be some hiccups. There are some instructions. Check out the setup guide first. You will need to go to (Wwise) and create an account and set up a modding project to get a key. You will choose over 200 sounds, non-commercial and notate that it is for a KF2 mod. I am sure there will be questions. I will try to answer them and update documentation as we sort through things. If I don't get back to you immediately, know that I will as soon as I am able. So, get out there and kick the tires on this. Here is a link to a dropbox folder that contains the Wwise project and all the documentation needed.

-Mark Muraski
Audio Director
Tripwire Interactive


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 1, 2019
Hi Mark, thanks for these resources and the guide. Can you briefly explain the significance of the KF2 sounds which are stored in BNK files vs. the ones in individual WEM files?

For example, Hans has a handful of (unused?) voice lines in WwiseDefaultBank_WW_VOX_NPC_HansVolter.bnk, but the majority of his voice lines are in individual WEM files (e.g. 41563005.wem).

I guess my questions are specifically, how is Wwise handling these two different cases, and is the process any different for me to export them from Wwise?


Active member
Oct 24, 2009
It's been a while since these have come out, and KF2 has had many changes in its audio since then.

[TW]Mark , is it possible to get these resources updated? The Initialization work unit is outdated, and there's no work units for any weapons that have been added past last year's Xmas update, when these resources came out. Could you update these resources to the upcoming release of the Back & Kickin' Brass summer event?