Make force respawns/Ho Chi Minh Trail OPTIONAL to the player

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 27, 2013
This has been a gripe of mine since RO2, pretty self-explanatory.
There is nothing more annoying to me in this game than being spawned where I didn't select to be spawned.
In the case of the Americans, it's especially annoying if I get placed back at spawn due to force respawn and my SL already has a spot onto the frontline that I miss out on as I haven't had the time to select it.
In the case of VC/NVA, if I am making inroads at one part of the map and Ho Chi Minh spawns me at the other side of the map, it's all that effort wasted. A simple dialogue box (using F1/F2 or F3/F4 keys) would suffice, or at least make it optional to turn this feature on. I'm sure I'm not alone in this


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 11, 2015
Maximum distance from objective for force deploy would be better and even then it would require some balancing to get it right.