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Code M2 Carbine weapon labeled as an M1

So I'm in the final stages of developing the M2 Carbine, I've decided that if possible an Engineer weapon. The problems are that the M2 will only display itself as an M1 carbine/Springfield in game when picked up or selected,the roles don't show up, the description, and it is quite glitchy in the selection screen. I can spawn with it perfectly fine, just that this is the only issue left. I honestly have no idea why this is happening. I'll post some screenshots of the issue later today.
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In this build of the Mutator it shows up as a Springfield probably because I used the class extensions for any weapon rather than inheriting the properties in previous builds of the Mutator with the M1. Though I still don't know why it would do this.
(I have yet to add to the engineer role, currently it's just a mock up of the Squad Leader role.)
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Check out the localisation files, you might need to add your own entry for the weapon.
I have both in an .int file and the map's .int file. It appears that it uses the name of the M1 Carbine, as in early builds even when I had both .int files it would be that way. Now it wants to be a Springfield as the class extensions reference it as a new weapon, not sure why it wants to say Springfield though.

This is an image of the files I have. Not including the .u file & MutM2Carbine.int & RSTE-Saipan_M2.int

I don't know what other files it would be.
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