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KF3 Wishlist


  • Mar 30, 2015
    This is my wishlist of ideas and suggestions for Killing Floor 3. I've been playing KF since the original mod.

    Now, I stopped playing KF2 a long while ago and came back just some time ago. There's a lot of stuff that's still great: weapons feeling, fast paced combat, perks, etc. But there's some stuff that didn't age well, at all.

    Since KF2 release (2015's Early Access) there were a bunch of games that released and innovated in the FPS formula that are now core elements that make the genre way more enjoyable, and that KF2 lacks. Stuff like Battle Royales map openess and verticality, building mechanics like Fortnite and more importantly Rainbow Six Siege's tactical building elements, Apex Legends ping system and mobility, DOOM finishers, enemy variety, interactability and vertical movement, DOOM Eternal mobility, etc etc etc.

    With that in mind, these are my main suggestions:

      Latest maps are an example of more open maps. KF2 has a big pool of maps that were added by the years. The more you go back, the more you'll find how most maps are claustrophobic, in a bad way.

      To add to the first point, maps need more verticality. KF2 uses verticality rarely and doesn't get the most of it. Just a few areas where you can see a second floor and shot to/from there and viceversa.

    • A MAP?
      Even if a perk-tied thing. Having an actual map UI would be cool.

      To add to the last point. Flying units, or this that you couldn't make in KF2 although you've tried it but abandoned it:

      (Crawlers crawling on walls and ceiling)

      KF2 enviroment is OUTDATED AS F... There's zero destruction and interactivity, not a single wooden chair moves. KF3 needs to expand on this. This is something that didn't age well in KF2. Everthing seems glued together.
      Map evolving due to player destruction and interaction (or enemy interaction) would be pretty cool (yes, I know you hinted at it in the trailer with the Fleshpound demolishing that wall. But yeah, you also hinted at enemies using walls and ceilings in KF2 trailer 9 years ago lol)

      Since Apex Legends, not having a ping system in your multiplayer game is just not having a basic feature at this point. Do you know how many times I wanted to ping my 5 teammates looking the other way while a Fleshpound was about to pund their a... behinds... A LOT.

      Even if it's something perk related. KF2 just gives you more speed depending on certain perks and stuff. AND THAT'S IT. But then, your character remains totally glued to the floor. They cannot even vault a 10cm street curb, let alone a park bank. It's awful, while all FPS are giving players more mobility options, KF2 makes you feel like a worm.

      OMG! You keep adding cosmetic stuff but you've never added a loadout option in all this years. Everytime I want to use other weapon skin, character, outfit, accesory, I have to change everything manually every time. A loadout is a must.

      Objectives are cool, they add to the game to keep the rounds a little of fresh air in the ever repetitive horde of wave after wave after wave. But KF2 is just go there press e, go there hold e, and finally, hold the ground. Missions and objectives need to be expanded.
      The more modes, the merrier.

      KF2 ended getting a few redundant stuff, like SWAT and Survivalist. And to add on that, you kept adding weapons with alt-fires that make them jack of all trades (smgs with explosives, smgs with shotguns, explosives with medical AND damaging effects, etc etc). When perks have to accomplish their class specific treats in order to have a good team composition and functionality, the game is more fun.

      So in order to add to all the points, more player interaction with the map and enemies, more perk interaction between players and more focused perks. Abilities could be a good way of making already available stuff in KF2 way more fun and dynamic. Imagine a support could call a drop of guns/armor/ammo/etc and having to hold/wait for the drop for a specific time or having to go and get it somewhere else in the map, etc, instead of players just pressing "e" next to him, would add a lot to the game.

    To be honest I didn't know I was going to write so much, I just came here to suggest a couple of things off the top of my head but while I was doing it more and more things kept coming.
    So if you came this far, thanks for reading.

    And before anything, this is just a wishlist, MY wishlist and suggestions. I'm not demanding anything, just sharing what I think would do a better game, and if you disagree (I bet some people would shoot me for just suggesting perk abilities) with me, you can comment why in a constructively way.

    Again, thanks.
    >More open maps : well, I think both KF games proved how dangerous that idea can be if the game's mechanics aren't top-notch. In the first game, zeds could NEVER catch up to you in Mountain Pass or Farm. In KF2, kiting endlessly proved to be one of the best ways to survive if everything goes wrong. If anything, I'd rather have more CRAMPED maps, to get that claustrophobic feeling and the real fear of getting boxed in. If we get bigger maps, then zeds should definitely be able to keep up.

    >More verticality : I don't know man... Sure, I like fast-paced shooters as much as the average FPS fan, but I don't really see Killing Floor has being prime for that type of gameplay. You don't really have any movement tech, and that's fine by me. I wouldn't expect rocket jumps, triple jumps or boosting pads or the likes. I'm not saying that it couldn't be fun, but unless it was severely limited (to avoid cheesing zeds that cannot fly... so every single one of them so far), I don't think it would work.

    >Map : why not? I mean... After a while, you end up knowing each map by heart. And the trader's location is always shown to you. But I wouldn't be against a minimap of some sort, as long as it DOESN'T show the zeds.

    >Enemies : I believe it's a given that we're gonna get a few new enemies. What they could do is up in the air (ha ha), but I do believe that having one kind of flying zed, as well as the upgraded crawlers you mention, would already be a nice step forward... and certainly a new threat to even experienced players. No more bullet sponges and CC zeds though... We have enough of them already.

    >Environment : Considering destruction has been a thing for DECADES now, it's indeed surprising that most games are still very lacking in that regard. I'm not asking for Battlefield levels of chaos obviously. But I agree that it would feel more immersive to see the world react to the mayhem. Even if it's just props flying and portions of walls breaking.

    >Ping system : I don't know if we truly NEED a callout system, but I wouldn't be against it at all. I think Left 4 Dead did it pretty well 15 years ago, when everyone was shouting the name of whatever threat they were meeting. The audio cues whenever FP/Scrakes/QPs are spawning are pretty helpful (even if everybody HATED them at first!), but I agree that being able to tell when the menace is THERE should be a thing.

    >More mobility : It's linked to the first two points I mentioned, but I believe Killing Floor is fine being GROUNDED. KF2 didn't add a whole lot : the ability to sprint, and some perks being a tad faster. And it was enough to produce endless waves where the sole survivor is running around trying to cheese the remaining zeds. I definitely don't want to see the problem develop any further. Should they decide to add more mobility, they REAAAALLY need to work on both the map layouts and the zeds' behavior.

    >Loadouts : I must say that I don't really switch up my cosmetics all that much... Once I find a cool loadout for THIS or THAT character, I tend to simply keep it. It ain't like in Team Fortress 2, where I got a bunch of very different cosmetics, centered around multiple "themes". But I wouldn't be against it either.

    >Objectives : That's another thing people keep asking for, when I never really saw the interest of them. I agree : KF2's objectives are boring. But I don't really know what else you could do when the core gameplay is so basic. Kill every zeds and complete the wave, buy better guns, rinse and repeat. Left 4 Dead didn't exactly do it better : go from point A to point B... sometimes you'll get a zone to defend from the horde. Sometimes you'll have to power a generator. That's it. And I believe it's fine honestly, as bringing new challenges can be more irritating than enjoyable. Especially when they're repetitive.

    >Perks & weapons : A MILLION TIMES YES ! KF3 truly needs to do better in that regard, and take a look at what KF2 was at launch. We don't necessarily need MORE perks, and certainly not a billion weapons. Keep all of them distinct and interesting and people will come back to play no matter what.

    >Perk abilities : I don't exactly know if you mean ACTIVES or simply skills as they were in KF2 ? In any case, I don't think we should turn Killing Floor into a RPG, the skill tree should be fairly straightforward and streamlined. But I do agree that skills could be a bit more exciting however.
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    When it comes to perks I'd just like a system that doesn't feel like a grind. I've had this gripe since KF1 and it only got worse with KF2 adding even more, mostly redundant, perks. If I've spent dozens of hours levelling my support to 6 then what benefit is there in making me do it all over again for the SS? Yeah, different playstyles and that but come on. If I'm used to HoE then making me play normal/hard servers for stupid amounts of time so that I'm not auto kicked in Sui/HoE servers is just dumb.

    And yes, I know levelling servers are a thing but they're a symptom of the underlying problem rather than the problem itself. In KF2 I didn't even bother levelling some of the trash perks because they didn't feel different enough to bother. A better way of doing it would be to have an overall character level that impacts every perk rather than each one being isolated to weapon/perk kills.
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    Pinging enemies would be great. Communication in all KFs is always a problem with randoms online, and even with pings it'd still require skill to know who's supposed to handle what when big zeds are around. Some people gotta know to ignore it and clear the trash, everyone needs to know how the big zeds work with aggroing, etc. Pinging and highlighting a zed through walls within a certain close range radius and any distance within line of sight I think wouldn't give any overpowered advantage since there are so many other factors that make these zeds a threat.

    For movement, I think KF2 kinda struggled a bit with zeds being too fast and mobile compared to players other than medic and gunslinger. It'd be nice if all classes have something in their kit that allows them to more safely traverse tighter areas.

    For example, heavy classes like support and swat could have a cooldown ability that lets them charge for a few feet and shove normal size zeds out of the way, knocking them down, with larger zeds getting a short stun instead (either way you get past whatever was in front of you and clear a little room for allies).

    I would love more interactable environments as well. Manually triggered bonus objectives would be a great feature:
    • Things that trigger small hordes like in L4D: this would give bonus income for some added risk to any wave. I much prefer the idea of the extra zed kills being the reward rather than getting bonus money for defending a point. Perhaps some could only be activated after certain waves.
    • Bonuses that reward you with a better spot to camp. For example, you have to collect a few things in far corners of the map to open a door to an area that's good for holding out. Perhaps the map is super difficult to survive without that room open. You could even make the collected items require luring certain zed types to certain areas to access them, which would not only add to the challenge but also make it so you have to collect the bonuses during waves instead of trader time.
    • Some could just be straight punishments like increasing spawn rate / max zeds on the map at a time, but don't affect the total amount of zeds spawned. Alteratively, it could be a reward with a heavy price, like an alternate path to avoid getting killed, but fleeing that way ramps up the difficulty for the rest of the wave, or a trap that kills a bunch of zeds nearby, but angers the rest on the whole map.

    Active abilities would be right at home in KF. I think it'd be great if each perk had an offensive AND defensive ability, such as the movement related ones I mentioned above for support/swat being their defensive abilities. With all the new ways zeds are getting to pound us with the fact the move so much faster than KF1, get dodging abilities, so many more ranged attacks, much better cloaking on stalkers, we need more than just sprinting and good weapons...
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    Pinging enemies would be great.
    Ping system is never a bad thing assuming the game is designed with it in mind, but that's the rub. It works in other horde games because you need to highlight enemies that incapacitate/wrestle control from other players. Some of which are more fragile than others.
    L4D probably just didn't think of a manual ping system since it was effectively the first game of its kind, but it has since been rectified with subsequent entries in the horde shooter genre (B4B, DRG, etc.). The main difference is that the level design in those games is less arena-based and more giant-open-space based, so you're not already predicating Zed positioning on "it's running at me from around this corner in a straight line," and thus a distinctive ping system (outside of Commando's Stalker callouts) isn't really needed compared to other games where enemies can launch dangerous ranged attacks. But it would be fitting enough for players to call out Fleshpounds (or maybe limit it to certain perk kits?)

    One could make the argument that a lack of ping system contributes to difficulty and immersion (e.g. not having giant red outlines behind walls to let you know exactly when enemies can be cheesed around corners with your one-shot-kill rifle). I'd personally be fine with it, but if the game is leaning back towards a survival horror bent, I can understand why the dev teamand/or other players wouldn't want it in the game.

    For movement, I think KF2 kinda struggled a bit with zeds being too fast and mobile compared to players other than medic and gunslinger.

    If anything, the real problem is that Medic/Gunslinger/Melee Surv/Berserker/SWAT had very abuseable run speed compared to the other perks, which contributed to the game's wonky balancing and pacing issues.

    Zeds in KF2 have to be fast in order to counter the combination of improved hitboxes and players being allowed to sprint on command, which they weren't allowed to do in KF1. If they didn't do that, the game would just be arranging conga lines of Zeds and whittling them down at the team's/player's discretion, so there would be no challenge whatsoever. That's the whole reason they move quickly and why Zeds can spawn within close proximity to players: it's a sort-of counter to players relying on their movespeed rather than their marksmanship.

    Problem is, they didn't punish it enough and most of the fast perks also happen to have enough complementary tools to squeak out of many bad situations that would doom other players (ask your local Commando how they feel about Nuked kite parties), which is where you get the problem of Zerks, Medics, etc. surviving a catastrophe that killed the rest of their team but it takes them 80 years to whittle all the Zeds down because they spend half the time running away. At least you know if a Commando/Sharp/Support winds up as the last man standing it's going to end quickly and brutally for one side, not be a foregone conclusion that takes forever to arrive at.

    It'd be nice if all classes have something in their kit that allows them to more safely traverse tighter areas.

    For example, heavy classes like support and swat could have a cooldown ability that lets them charge for a few feet and shove normal size zeds out of the way, knocking them down, with larger zeds getting a short stun instead (either way you get past whatever was in front of you and clear a little room for allies).
    That could be taken as just giving players more get-out-of-jail cards than they already have now, and there's a lot of that going on already.

    Glibly put, getting surrounded in Killing Floor is supposed to be a death sentence. You've got guns, the zombies are all melee and the few enemies that can shoot have discernible tells on their attacks; you're supposed to shoot them first.
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