Is there any diffirence between MN and KAR besides visuals?

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Carl Gustav

FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 16, 2010
Is there any diffirence between the Mosin nagant and Karabiner98 while not talking about how they look?


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 18, 2007
Hamburg, Germany
In terms of accuracy, hitting power and firing rate there shouldn't be a conceivable difference.
The only bolt action services rifles used in WW2 which might be even a little bit different in terms of hitting power, which come to my mind, might be the ones using either the 6,5

Andrew Blake

FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 6, 2011
Is there any diffirence between the Mosin nagant and Karabiner98 while not talking about how they look?

Well yeah, the k98k and the MN is very different in RO2.

The MN has slower bolting, longer barrel, lower damage.
-4 more clips of ammo than the k98k to balance it.
-faster round (longer barrel)
-No round will eject from the gun when reloading, good for single round reloads.

Bottom line
Good camping gun, if you can use up all those clips.

The k98k
-The k98k is shorter therefore less visible
-higher bolting speed, (from the hip and in sights)
-higher caliber-more damage (ballistics is authentic says TWI)
-faster reload of clips.
-When reloading 1 round will eject from the gun, losing that round. Good for reloading clips as you can reload a clip when you have 1 round left, rather than reloading 4 single roundS.
-This can be avoided, by not bolting the gun after a shot. You will still have the expended round in the chamber, when you reload, it will be ejected rather than a usable round. Thus saving ammo, and giving you a faster single round reload.

Bottom line
the k98k is the best all around gun. Good at assaulting objektives too. You may use your ammo up much faster with it though.

On a side note: Enable manual bolting, it's faster and you have more control than the auto bolting setting.
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