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Intel Brief: Bonds and Seasonal Catalogs


Hello agents! With launch right around the corner we wanted to give some details on our premium currency, Bonds, and what to expect from their use in the future.

Bonds is a cosmetic only currency that is used as an alternative to credits to buy cosmetics straight from the agent menu or to unlock shop exclusive cosmetics that are in rotation. Bonds will also be used to purchase the premium version of seasonal catalogs which we will detail down below. They can be purchased with real money, but you will be able to get some bonds from the free pass of a catalog.

To make things clear:
  • Bonds cannot be used to get loot briefcases, these are progression rewards only.
  • We won’t lock new gameplay elements behind bonds.
  • New agents will be unlockable with credits earned by playing.

We are excited to show you what we’ve been working on in the future so please stay tuned for more information!

Seasonal Catalogs

Our seasonal updates will come with what we call our “Catalogs”. These will feature 50 unlockable items, 10 seasonal titles based on completion and a few more surprises.

With the apparition of catalogs, you will start earning “Catalog Tokens” to claim a reward of your choice. Every reward costs 1 token and you can proceed to the next page of the catalog after unlocking 3 items out of 5, giving you a choice to prioritize what you want to unlock first.

20 of the 50 rewards will be available on the free version of the catalog, 30 will be premium only (including some bonus cosmetics we will show you later on). A catalog will cost 1000 Bonds to purchase and will NEVER EXPIRE once purchased. No fear of missing out here, complete the catalog at your own pace and unlock everything in it without fear of losing on a costume you really want. We will also let you purchase a previous catalog at any time through the season menu if you are interested in a previous season. Catalogs expands the world of Deceive Inc., it will not shrink over time.

Here’s a sneak peak at a page from the first catalog “Misery Empire” with a Film Noir theme!


Now, that’s not all. Catalogs will be released with sizable updates available to everyone! This means a new agent, unlockable either through the premium catalog or with DI credits earned by playing, and major gameplay updates.

We are very excited to show you everything new coming with our first catalog, but it will have to wait a LITTLE bit longer.
"loot briefcases"

I thought we moved beyond the need for lootboxes tbh... I'm also quite surprised, as a Belgian, that both Killing Floor 2 and Team Fortress 2 still propose crates to me even though they've been labeled as gambling here.

For everything else, well... It's the bread and butter. Being able to buy stuff by playing well and long enough should be mandatory. And season passes seems to be the lesser of multiple evils.
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How do the “free” options work? Are they just for the people not buying the pass? How would that work if they don’t get the rewards for other pages as they go along?
Agents who don't buy the catalog can unlock the free items and get them, as well as one non free item per page (but will not unlock it unless they later purchase it) to progress down the pass.
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