How do I open boxes or grab items with Quest 2?

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 29, 2021
I discovered that my camera seems to give me the ability to look inside boxes ( or at least it did once - looking at a stack of boxes in front of a laser locked door) but despite the number of enticing mail delivery boxes and crates around, including that one, I only seem to be able to grab boxes not to open them or take things from them. In the first level I saw some brightly lit glowing gloves but I couldn't figure out a way to take them for myself. I tried whatever button it is that is indicated as the "interact" one but it didn't seem to do anything either. Along similar lines I can steal ammunition and weapons from guards but not, apparently, the cards I need to enter any of the side rooms. Very frustrating!


Tripwire Interactive Community Team
Staff member
Mar 11, 2016
Killing Floor Discord :)
To clear up a few things,
  • You can't open the pallets / boxes, that is not currently a feature.
  • The glowing gloves are tutorial holograms, suggesting pathways of where to go.
  • The white level 5 doors can't be opened, they were there for "world building."