Halloween 2021 Beta 1: Armor is now priced by the point rather than by the percentage

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Feb 1, 2011
I don't expect much people to talk about this so I figured i'd make a thread about this. While I do think that the 1 Mag button on armor is a net positive, it's also worth mentioning that the Halloween update has nerfed perk skills that increase your maximum armor. Meaning that because of how armor is priced, Commando and Survivalist now have to pay $375 for a full suit of armor while the field medic pays $450.

I don't know if this is an intentional decision, but I figured it's something worth discussing about how armor is being priced with the live ($3 for 1% of your maximum armor) and beta ($3 for 1 point of armor regardless of your max capacity) versions
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