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Give Server Operators the ability to use Clan Match Modifiers to turn of Peripheral Whips on campain gamemodes.


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Oct 14, 2020
Hey TW,

So Peripheral whips are currently automatically disabled with realism mode on for both the supremacy and territories game mode but since campaign is not able to use the clan match modifiers the setting stays on no matter what we do. You can find this in ServerAdmin/settings/general/gameplay and under the clan match tab.

This would be incredibly beneficial to server operators as much of our community request this feature to be off by default as it promotes unfair play styles such as setting your resolution to a 4:3 Scale so you can essentially just play the entire game by using whips instead of actually visually acquiring your targets. Peripheral whips is essentially just a soft wallhack as you are able to view the locations of enemy players through any non solid object so what we end up seeing is veteran players shooting newer players through 3+ bushes because they catch their whip and are able to just spray in the direction.

If it is something that is not too hard to implement it would be immensly beneficial to server operatiors to be able to toggle these clan match modifiers on campaign gamemmodes. I have taken a screen shot of the tab that is currently unchangeable on campaign gamemodes.


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