[Gamemode] Extended Weeklies

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Sep 13, 2017
Hi everyone - over the past couple weeks I've been working on the following Mod with the aid of Pharrahnox and I thought I might share it on the forum for you guys

It introduced 6 new Weekly Gamemodes for people to play:
  1. Wacky Rocketeers - Husks have replaced their fireball launchers for rocket launchers. There are also little baby suicide husks and new elite husks. Patty has also had a bit of a tweak and now has some new tricks.
  2. Classic Mode - Special zeds and special moves have been removed, spawns are faster and the Siren and Bloat now have some 'nostalgic' buffs to their attacks. We finish off this fine classical piece with a Patty fight.
  3. Scavenger - The trader is disabled and you spawn with no perk weapons. You need to explore and scavenge the map for weapons and ammo - Teamwork is key here to make sure that the team is outfitted with appropriate weapons that are found.
  4. Rambo - Just an unlimited ammo Stoner - what else is there to say?
  5. Poundemic - a mod of Poundemonium, however wave spawn numbers are unmodified, FP spawn rate is nearly doubled and it is now on HoE
  6. Poodemonium - a terrible idea that was suggested and left in. It's both hilarious and horrifying. Abomination poop monsters now enter the rotation, increased bloat spawns and also an Abomination boss fight.
The mod also allows you put the weeklies on a random rotation on your server and play them on different difficulties and game lengths. If there is demand - I do plan to add more weeklies in the future.

Workshop Link:
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