Game adjustment and other suggestions

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Feb 23, 2013
I have multiple small and not so small tweaks for suggestions:

- suicide: I don't think suicide should penalize you more than just ticket loss. I use suicide mainly for 2 reasons: my game is glitch, like i'm stuck in a hole or something like that or when the game start and i get promoted to squad leader on the North team ( which could be fixed relatively easily).
The only time I saw a reason to penalize suicide is when a team commits mass suicide to avoid the other to cap a point and win the game (I don't know if this issue has been addressed but scoring could be done by multiplying kills by the amount of objective captured at the end of the game, objective that can be recapture should only be attributed to the team that has it when the game ends).

- Coming back to VC squad leader, you should be able to collect the pick axe, and the rest of the gear, from the ammo dump when promoted while in game.

- this might have been tested before release: VC tunnels shouldn't be restricted to a squad.

- SL could open and close the tunnels to either hide them from recon ( then players can't spawn) or avoid destruction from Napalm, but airstrike should still be able to destroy them. And closing them should make them harder to be spotted by Southern troops, scout aside.

- Also tunnels should show on the map before SL places one to avoid having to run around trying to find a spot where you can place one and airstrike should also appear on the map as soon as the TL calls them and not just as they happen, this could be restricted to player near their SLs.

- Concerning the map, it would be nice if the commander was able to draw on it his plan and assign it to a squad. Having attack routes with arrows, and defensive lines to guide squads to objectives, these would reset when objectives are captured like tunnels are destroyed.

- I know the timer at the beginning of the game is defined by servers but I find it wrong that some maps success relies mainly on rushing the firsts objectives before the defender have time to settle in the objectives ( Resort is probably iconic for that but Cu Chi, Hue, Long Tan, Nim Phu also suffer from this issue for the first objective at least). Defenders should have time to place MG and traps... they are defending after all.

- please remove the grey side indicator for enemy movement of make them for both enemies and friendlies. They are too sensitive and allow to spot enemies flanking in forest or high grass when they should be concealed.

Thanks for reading
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