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FPS fix!! I have got it figured out

ur undead mom

FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 11, 2011
Hey guys, for those of us who dont have high performance rigs, such as people using graphics cards like the Nvidia 8800 I have found out how to help you! ALSO! this is likely to not help you if you are running a high performance computer. sorry guys, still working on that part.

Now most importantly your going to want to go into your Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\Config and delete ROEngine, dont forget to make a backup. Anyway this will reset your graphics, and for some reason for me it allows my game to run at 75-100 fps!!! its great no lag and no glitching around even on a 64 slot server!

Also setting your shadows and non essential things excluding Model detail and other similar settings down will help alot, tuning your model details will also help significantly

*EDIT* I am so glad i managed to help out so many people! if anyone wants a full guide on the steps i take to make it work better, go ahead and message me and if i get enough ill make a full post with all of them

*EDIT 2* some people have been asking what im running the game on, i cannot rember the exact name of things (I ALSO CANT CHECK BECAUSE IM IN CLASS ATM), but when you look at your settings ingame, they appear in a list like this (kind of) in my opinion these three are the major ones to making your game look/run better or worse, im running an ancient rig with 8800 gt and only 2 gb of ram. With a nice and sexy 1980x1020 monitor

More importantly all settings below this, shadows ect should be SET TO LOW!
and further under this there are some boxes which can be checked they should all pretty much be unchecked execpt for bloom or what have you.

that the lag might resume after time with significant fps drops, if this happens you can simply remove the file again and it should be fixed, worked for me! id say replace it once every 10-15 times you launch the game

If anyone has any extra suggestions feel free to inbox me or post it in the comments and ill update the main post so everyone can know how to fix the FPS issues
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Colt .45 killer

FNG / Fresh Meat
May 19, 2006
srry, "high end like an 8800"?

perhaps 6 years ago...

Either way yes if you were in the beta that file was not regenerated and some of the settings like extra logging / debug stuff will still activated.

EDIT: Ok oops I read yer post a bit too fast & missed the "dont have" before the "high end" :)
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 7, 2011
Actually, even though I don't have any problems, I'd like to have the debug code removed if that's still active. Thanks for the tip.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 17, 2006
I would like to point out that the beta's files were not auto deleted when the beta finished. I had to manually delete it.

On a side note,i woulda think it would be funny if the whole time they were giving us the "debug" build and not the "release" build.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 23, 2006
Thanks for helping, I'm giving it a try... I am assuming a new file will auto-generate when I launch the game


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 25, 2011
Last time I tried to re-create my config files, I could no longer press shift to zoom in.. even though the key bindings were correct. And I could still sprint :eek:

I didn't notice any performance difference when I had the game generate new config files, though.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 21, 2011
Don't delete the ini, tweak the ini.

I have since tried the ini deletion method and it gave better results for me than tweaking.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 23, 2005
I just played the game for 45 mins or so after trying this and my FPS seemed to be greatly improved, HOWEVER, it was my first time playing since the latest update AND the server only had about 15 people on it, which I think could be the reason for the better performance. So hard to say conclusively whether it worked. But worth a shot.