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Execution skill, Status effects , Different Attacks.

genesis llamado

FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 17, 2019
it would be jawsome to see some special unique execution kills and other kinds of attack

like for example the one i saw from the gameplay the shark is doing a spinning tackle is that a kind of is it a another kind of attack or just an animation?
it would be nice to have spinning tackle attack that can stun your targets.

the other example of attack is a charging attack where u can knockback your targets.

Spinning tackle and Charging attack does little damage and or wont instantly kill your targets instead they will have a status effect on them.

stunning and knockback effect are limited to smaller targets unless your is shark is bigger and stronger.

stunned and knockback targets can have a status effects that allows us to choose is we want to trigger execution kills.

Execution skill:
Stun execution kill - makes the target dizzy letting the shark circle its prey and then do 2quick bites on different angles then a 3rd bite will be the finishing touch.
this special execution kill can only be triggered if your stunned target is in the water
shark will still take damage but uninterruptible. ( that why the animation should be fast. or maybe make the sharp temporary immune for the duration of the animation since your shark can do anything while it happens)

Knockback execution kill - the target is off balance and Vulnerable letting the shark do a followUp charge attack bitting the target with massive force resulting the target to be torn in half.
this special execution kill can be triggered when the Vulnerable target is on Air on in the water.

Status effects:
Dizzy is the negative status of the stunned target.
Vulnerable is the negative status of the knockback target.
status effects is has percentage on what chance it will be applied on a target. example 50%
some Targets are immune to certain status effect or have lower chance to have a status effect.( example Boss types)
specific icons for the status effect will be shown above the target for reference like all most RPGs have. ( this icon can also let us know if we can trigger an execution skill )

( note: I don't know how and what mechanics are on the game so this are just few example on how to apply this things. there are a lot of ways to implement this mechanics and is already on other kinds of RPG. if only we can see more gameplay , have early access , beta access .. I and others have a lot of idea but not sure if it will be meaningful to the game or is already in the game.)