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EGS PSA: Launch Issues

Welcome to our new Epic Game Store players!

We are excited to see so many new faces join the Killing Floor community. With the launch of the EGS build we have confirmed a few issues and are working on a hotfix to address several of them in short order.

  • Players are getting non suppressed logs when looking at the EGS server browser which is leading to logs which are gigs large which are causing performance issues on the CPU and hard drive read/write speeds
  • Some players are having issues getting servers to show up or find match-made games even after making sure the game is allowed in security software. We are investigating and you can help out by participating in the bug report thread on this very subject: https://forums.tripwireinteractive....ion-investigation-thread.2336211/post-2342060
  • Players who try and filter the server browser or matchmaking games with any filters but the defaults may hide all available servers. For now please only use the default filters.
We continue to look into the remaining issues players report. See you on the Killing Floor!
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Got the game through Epic Games and whenever I start it up I'm always zoomed into the to left side of the screen, and on the odd chance I'm not zoomed in my mouse is stuck in the top left as if the game has been divided into 4 sections on my screen and I can't play at all because of it
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Hello, My problem is that I use GeForce Now and the same thing happens from the servers, it does not find any and besides that, the game is not linked to any account, in the launcher of epic games my account linked, but at the moment of start the game my name appears as a player and all the progress that I had made is erased and everything goes back to 0, in addition to , my friends not appearing to me, is there any solution?
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