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Does Killing Floor seem harder to you now?


Grizzled Veteran
Sep 25, 2012
In general, I think most agree the first game was more difficult [myself for example - I never even attempted HOE in the first game].

Have you gone back to the first game after playing MANY hours of KF2?

It's ridiculous..

I went back and forth between the games for a bit so I never really noticed. Last night I booted up KF for the first time in several months.


I'm not used to trash causing that much damage lol.

Just curious if anyone else goes back and feels the same?

I'm going to keep playing a bit because now I'm determined to at least get back to completing Hard [I know - not very ambitious] :giggle:


Nov 11, 2019
The first release is the hardest.

I think the 2017 version is the simplest(In my opinion).

From 2018 to this year, each update will make the game more difficult.

But this year's v1088 beta I think it's OK. Maybe I'm used to the new difficulty.

I personally like to play HOE with friends.

2000 + hours of game length.

I can see new faces almost every few days, sometimes even every day.

New players are good for the game, which means that there are new forces in the game and the game can go on for a long time.

But new players sometimes mean more difficulty.

So my point is: when you play with friends, it's easy; when you play with unknown players, it's hard; when you play with new players, it's most difficult.

Many new players like to play in HOE(One of the difficulties) :ROFLMAO:


Grizzled Veteran
Sep 20, 2015
I mean... since kf1 zeds were slow and mechanics are quite clunky, zeds are compensated with dealing lots of damage. So ofc its gonna feel much more difficult in the 1st game than 2nd.
2nd just gives you more movement and approach options that lets you get away with, so perhaps that's why it feels easier.

I did play kf1 now and then, you just move so bloody slooooow while zeds can easily approach and smack you to death ( and then getting real bored after half a match because of being spoiled by kf2's constant action )
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Active member
May 31, 2017
Cambridge, England
Every time I go back and play KF1, all I can think is; "lol, skinny Fleshpounds." and then I die.
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Active member
Feb 6, 2012
I like to alternate between the games, and it took me a while to master hard again. With the slow movement speed and the game's habit of turning into a gangbang really fast you have to do a lot of thinking ahead and positioning is very important because you move like a forklift. I think the game has a larger emphasis on tactics, strategy, and perk level while killing floor 2 rewards mechanical skill, kiting, and memorizing damage thresholds. I think both games feel very rewarding in the end.

I definitely prefer some of the weapon designs (like the husk cannon), I think the tone, music and atmosphere knock the second game out of the park, and generally I like the maps more. I feel like the minority when I say I like camping more than running around and kiting, or holding out in spots where Zeds come out from like every direction (like the back of burning Paris that people like to go to) but I still definitely have way more hours in the second game despite all that.

I wish killing floor 2 brought back the original game's maps like how Payday 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 did. Maybe put them under a 'classic' tab so people know they're not entirely built for the newer game. Maybe it would be cool ton have a 'throwback' game mode with some different rules (only run faster with knife out, only the classic Zeds return, large zeds don't announce when they spawn, ect) like how call of duty has hardcore and standard playlists, but maybe that's going too far cuz that would divide up the player base.
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Grizzled Veteran
Sep 25, 2012
Yeah - you definately need to have a plan ahead of time in KF1. Unless you just take Zerk lol. I enjoyed your "forklift" reference to the movement pace - dead on. You would think there would be an easy way to implement your map suggestion since community members have already done the porting work for the popular maps.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 19, 2019
I agree. kf 1 is a lot more difficult. But I actually like the old maps better. They tended to be bigger and IMO offered better replayability. I get bored of KF2 maps much faster.
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