DLC key :?

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Jun 24, 2011
Hi, I won a giveaway for this game on steamgifts.com and the giveaway creator sent me a key for the game via email.

The key is like 1x11x-1x1xx-x1x11 (1=a number, x=a letter).

When I added the key to steam I was told it was "Dwarfs DLC comp".

I guess it was a key for the "old" summer sale DLC.

I can't find the game in my list, but I can't find where to buy this DLC anywhere on the net.

I know the dev did a very big giveaway for this game on steamgifts.com
Was there a key giveaway too by the devs for this dlc?
Steam derped and it was a "normal" game key?

I can pm the key to forum mods/dev/whatever if they want to check it. I just want to understand if the guy gave me a wrong key on purpose or what...

Thanks in advance.
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