Co-Operative Tanking Guide V1

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 22, 2008
Thanx for the good posts. I really enjoy armored warfare in RO and I am starting to get a feel for it but it is tough to find a good partner sometimes. I really enjoy driving with a TC who knows what he is doing and communicates effectively.

BTW SPattSgt, what you are talking about with using the Coax to line up main gun shots is called "Burst On Target" and it's an effective tactic. I am not sure how well RO models balistics but the COAX and Main gun usually have different balistic trajectories so there is a "synchronized range" at which both weapons strike the same point.

Often with high velocity guns the COAX will be a little higher then the Main Gun at shorter ranges and increasingly lower at longer rangers as the lighter rounds from the MG really start getting into their terminal drop to the ground.

With low velocity Main Guns like the short 75mm on the STUG IIIB and PZKW IVD it is often a reverse with the MG rounds comming in low initially and meeting at the synchronization point.

I was a Combat Engineer on the M728 CEV which was a modified M60 class tank with a 165mm Main Gun, 7.62mm COAX and .50 Cal HMG in the TC coupola, (small turret on top of the main turret). The main gun had a max effective range of only 800 meters so the coax had more range then the main gun :D


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 14, 2009
Just came back from a long break off RO, and was looking around the forums while my game updates.

This post, is simply, brilliant. I remember when I first played, I'd hop in a tank, call a few people to get in and drive headlong behind enemy lines firing wildly. I'll know now not to mess about, and see how fun this approach can be.

Thanks again!