Classic Gamemode

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 17, 2020
I'm a huge fan of KF1 & KF2, I'll say that first. I've invested well over 2000 hours into the franchise between having KF1 on PC & KF2 on both PS4 & PC.
That said, Killing Floor Incursion was awesome, having a proper story mode that's focussed on 1-2 players was a dream come true for me.
Though.. there are some mild issues I have.
1. Classic Gamemode?
I've read that you guys don't want to add more than 2 players for optimization reasons like keeping FPS at 90+, I'm 100% behind that. However, the endless mode is... Lack luster.
I thoroughly enjoy the setup of the classic, survive a wave, purchase supplies and upgrade weapons, repeat until boss wave. It allowed what is a traditional almost arcade like game to become something a little more, something extra you have to consider while playing. Having classes and being able to get a setup that works for your play style made the game unique, allowed you to have a different experience every time you played, if you wanted - or have the same experience allowing you to master your strategies. Then ending with a boss, just classic. The hype raises, the music sets in, and you're ready for s*** to hit the fan. Very, very fun.
Myself and many others I think would greatly value a classic Gamemode to be added in. Doesn't need 6 players, but just the ability to set your player up the way you want via a trader would honestly make things so much better for a survival wave based experience. All in all, it would at the very least add replayability to it. As the current story mode is fun once or twice but then not so much afterwards, because you've already experienced it. The endless mode is okay but it's frustrating being stuck with weapons that don't suit your play style or preferences. As a result, it's fun for about 5 minutes.
As I stated, I've sank well over 2000+ hours into the franchise, Incursion on the other hand I've only played maybe... 6 times? Which is unfortunate because VR could easily make the base KF franchise insanely over the top and just pure awesome.

2. Please add a syringe to the game.
The old school style, classic arcade health packs littered throughout is cool, but unreliable and really takes away some of the cooperative atmosphere. In story mode it works, works flawlessly and makes sense. However in an endless setting, a syringe would make more sense. Being able to heal your teammate(or partner in this case) would be great. Physically pulling out a syringe and healing yourself or your friend would just add so much to the game even though it's such a small thing.

3. More weapons. I and many others would love to see some more weapons. Just at least 2 or 3 of each weapon type would be just enough honestly. 2-3 assault rifles, 1-2 sniper rifles, 2-3 medic weapons, 2-3 shotguns, 2-3 melee weapons. It would make all the difference in the world to be able to have more than just a shotgun, assault rifle, pistol, sniper rifle or fire axe.
The option to dual wield or single wield all of the above is an awesome feature, but it's drawback is that that's all you can do to make your setup truly yours.

All in all, ya'll did GREAT with this game, I love it. I just wish it felt more like the Killing Floor I've grown to know and love so much throughout the years.