Clan T4nk Gaming

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 4, 2015
We are here now, at Killing Floor 2. We're recruiting. We have few requirements outside of common sense, listening skills and intelligence, and they are:

1: A microphone of decent quality. It shouldn't sound like you're by a fish tank or being put through a meat grinder (unless you ARE by a fish tank or being put through a meat grinder) every time you talk.
2: Ventrilo - and you are expected to use it while gaming. We use vent as our primary means of discussion.
3: A good sense of humor, and the ability to take a joke. Expect to get hazed a bit as a new member and expect to get trolled a bit.
4: 18 years of age, mentally, is a requirement. Whilst we do have members who are under 18 in our community, they have proven that they act older and therefore we allow it. We do not care how old you actually are - we just care that you're mature enough to handle us.

Sending me an email at
Adding me on Steam at [T4NK]Saronite

If either of the above are impossible for you, please do go ahead and reply in this thread. Thank you, and as always happy gaming!



FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 30, 2015
Clan recruitment

Clan recruitment

Hey Saronite, I sent you a friend request.

Now that I can FINALLY post here after waiting a week to get my account working I can respond to this post.

I like what I hear and in fact pleased to find that there are solid groups out there that can work as a team. That's basically what I'm looking for is reliable people to play with as most of the time the groups I join up are all scrubs..

I will try to keep my post simple and short. I am a commando at heart. It's my 1st lvl 25 but recently favor the fire bug however without a competent medic this is really difficult for me to level.
I have a lvl 15 medic that I believe I play quite well and enjoy being the groups support for survival. Medic's should play their role IMO.

ANYHOW, message me on steam the clan's vent info, I'd love to meet new ppl. CHEERS