Campaign need hotfix for team stacking!!!

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Jul 8, 2014
There needs to be done something about balance in campaign. I never seen North win a single match let alone campaign.

I keep seeing people switch to South, then i am left alone with levels 1-10 just watching around like lost chickens and get shot.

So please just disable team switching and let game auto assign players to weakers team. Almost every match I see 33players on South vs 30 on North side. Yestarday it was even 15vs33 for south.

You know I would love to shoot and kill more than 3 players before match change. Right now we watch more of loading screen and campaign map than playing, all because of dirty players who love to abuse team switching.

So my suggestion is to simply remove faction selector once you enter campaign. Let the game balance teams by ranks. Then remove team switching from match, let the people team switch at the end of match or on campaign map.

I would even go so far to allow team switch only every 5 maps are played. And only 5-8 players can team switch. Nothing more.

Yeah I know some people want to play with friend, but with current state game will die very fast. I simply waited this for weeks only to quit RS2 after 2 days of watching loading screens constantly. If people can't be nice, but act like garbage and trash, then force them to be nice. People abused nice features in game, so now it's time to remove them.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 24, 2012
North Can never win with such rampant stacking. This is because of 2 reasons:

1) North Vietnamese loadouts (traps) and commanders abilities favor defense
South Vietnamese & USA loadouts and commanders abilities favor offense
You notice than on special maps where North Vietnam has to attack USA, North Vietnam has a hard time pushing, especially because their assaults can get stopped easily in its tracks due to the artillery, plane and napalm attacks. This makes attacking with the North Vietnamese HARD

A good example is the Anlao Map where North Vietnam has to capture all sectors.

The problem is that in Campaign, attacking is vital, and since attacking with North Vietnamese is hard, people opt for USA which turns us to the 2nd Problem.

2) Stacking
Even when teams are balanced numerically, stacking will be a problem, hard to eradicate.
But tell me, how many players prefer to stay on the losing side, which has 20 players facing a superiority of 24?
Not many.

Campaign is not balanced right now, but there is still a way to fix this.
I'd love to play north Vietnam, but I must see a realistic chance to win.


The only way of lessening the stacking problem is to close the gap of numbers and abilities between two sides. Here some suggestions:

Don't allow a player to join USA, when USA has more players than Vietnam in the campaign!
I get it that it makes it harder for friends to join the same side, but at the start of the battle, many are joining, so you are likely to choose the side you want anyway

Increase the respawn time for everyone on the side with more players by 1 second per 1 player superiority.
(If say 3 players leave Vietnam when losing and suddently USA has 25 players against 20 Vietnamese, USA soldiers suffer a 5 second respawn penalty that should be visibly shown on the respawn screen)

Don't allow people to switch sides more than once per round.

Don't allow people to switch sides in the 2nd half of the round.

I think it is crucial that the attacking side is not at a disadvantage with its offensive capabilities. Currently North Vietnam is at such disadvantage. To ameliorate this issue I believe North Vietnam should obtain 1 offensive capability and give up 1 defensive ability when attacking, and vice versa. South Vietnam/USA should obtain 1 defensive capability and give up 1 offensive ability when defending.

Possible commander abilities:

North Vietnam OFFENSE: Spawn 1 tunnel behind enemy lines, X distance from objective, where a tunnel could be placed, which acts as an additional squad tunnel option for everyone and respawns everyone currently dead at this location. Tunnel can be destroyed like squad tunnels.

North Vietnam OFFENSE: Spawn Vietnamese X distance from objective, where a tunnel could be placed, for the duration of 1-2 minutes, automatically prone, mimicing their famous spider holes, or as if they were guerilla that crawled all the way there hidden. This encourages Ambushes so typical of Vietcong doctrine during Vietnam War.

North Vietnam OFFENSE: Rocket barrage/mortar barrage (mortar barrage could be lasting longer with less explosive shells, more of a area of denial weapon)

North Vietnam OFFENSE: Smoke Barrage across large area

South Vietnam/USA DEFENSE: Deploy X mines/bouncing betties for example 20 along a line.

South Vietnam/USA DEFENSE: Deploy supplies - Could airdrop temporary special ammunition boxes that can be collected by up to 5 soldiers refilling their ammo, grenades and giving 1 sandbag item that can be deployed into an L shaped sandbag defense.

PS: Maybe NLF and PAWN could have different abilities. For Flavor.

To increase variety into gameplay, a cooldown period for 1 turn should also be enacted, so that people won't always chose US troops. I'd like to see aussies/kiwis in the battles too.
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Poonani Crush

FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 14, 2018

Stacking is a huge problem, after a round loss the losing team has at least 5 players that drop, decent players switch to the winning team and the player-gap on the losing side gets refilled with lousy players. After 2-3 games it becomes a steamroll of 33+ (imbalanced team) vs 28 or less noob players.

I agree with:
-Removing team switch ability
-Require server autobalancing


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 2, 2012
For whatever reason the community that plays these games has a love affair with team stacking. The only iteration I can think of that didn't have it is Mare Nostrum. Red Orchestra 2 was ludicrous, I think I played German less than a dozen times in 500+ hours.

My theory is that due to the asymmetric weapons and abilities, the sweatiest tryhards will all go to one team to tip the scales that much more in it's favor. I think the only way to stop it is to take the decision out of player's hands and just auto-assign the teams.
Feb 23, 2013
I dont think the weapon balance is really an issue ( I prefer North weapons overall), I think commanders abilities and spawning in caps for South is more of an issue. Maybe allowing to place tunnel closer, faster and on more surfaces would help balance that or remove spawn on sl for south while defending