RO2 Bugs - no empty shell release and infinite reload

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 20, 2012
Several bugs in original RO2 as follows:
The first one:
You spawn with Mouser KAR98 or MN9130 rifle, after firing the first clip consisting of five cartridges (after each shot you manually move the next cartridge into the cartridge-chamber and can see the release of empty shell, those shells drop to the ground and are visible) - you press "R" to make a full reload (the next clip with five cartridges) - and after that - all used cartridges on the ground instantly disappear and the every next shot is animated without release of empty shells...
By the way, when after the first full reload and then shooting without release of empty shells - you get the second rifle from the ground (Mouser KAR98 or MN9130 rifle from your previous corpse for example) - the animation of shell release returns to this newly founded (not your primary) rifle as it intended, but... that new rifle extracts TWO empty shells during full clip (five cartridge) reload...
This animation bug is true for Mouser KAR98 and MN9130 rifles.

The second one concerning infinite reload and weird broken animation:
You spawn with any of the following rifles:
-Mouser KAR98 or
-MN9130 or
-Scoped KAR98 or
-Scoped MN9130
-G41(W) or
-G41 Scoped
and maybe (not sure) SVT and AVT...
You have 50th level of all those rifles and 98 or 99 honor level (just to inform about the fact that you have additional ammunition to those weapons when spawning)...
For example you choose G41(W), spawn with it, shoot almost all but the last one or two magazines (important thing - you should make several not full clip (consisting of five cartridges) reloads - to reload one or two single cartridges) and encounter infinite reload animation when doing following things:
- have ten cartridges in your G41(W) rifle and one more reserve magazine which you can see in the HUD, make a shot, press "R" to make a reload of one single cartridge, watch the bolting animation and after a second or two seconds... your hands "by theirs own" make one more bolting and you see a release of cartridge animation... You can repeat a reload (press "R") and encounter the same weird situation of double bolting almost infinitely despite of that you have only several cartridges left...
Moreover, when this thing happens with MN9130 or Scoped MN9130, the rifle can stuck on your screen without your hands visible - you cannot shoot, you cannot reload... see screen


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