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A good template for a bug report is as follows:

Use the following Draft for all of your bug reports. It will help us and you!

Title of the forum Thread - A detailed concise description of the bug.
1) All Weapons (or specific weapons) fire forever
2) Biolabs has broken geometry in the tank room

Now that you have started the thread start off by naming the category you best feel the bug falls into (PLEASE PICK ONE):

Category: Code, 2d art, 3d art, animation, level design, environmental art, emitter, other

Reproducibility: Always, Sometimes, Unable to reproduce

Summary: Map Biotics lab shows stretched/broken geometry in the tank room when playing with low settings

Description: Please put a very detailed description of the bug here, along with very detailed reproduction steps. Always remember your computer configuration and game settings configuration can be important.

Next let us know how reproducible it is. The better the reproduction the better chance we have at fixing it, so try and get this as best as you can.

Make this as basic as you can with steps a child could follow!

1) Join a server with map Biotics Lab
2) Go to the tank room
3) If you spin to the left fast you will observer geometry stretch across the screen

Also make sure to include weapon/perk rank (and level) as well as sever settings/gameplay mode

Then begin with a brief summary of your bug (often times it should be the same as your thread name)

Platform: Is this PS4 (which version), Xbox (which version), or Switch

Online/Offline: Be sure to let us know if this bug happens on or offline or both.

And last of all, don't forget to get us screenshots of what is happening, especially if they include debug information.
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