Boer War mod - Any Help Needed

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Dec 14, 2012
I plan to make a mod about the (second) Boer War which took place in the years 1899 to 1902.

The purpose of the mod will be to educate people worldwide about the true history of the Boer War, whilst being fun and involving which RO:Ostfront does so well. Just like how some games involving Romans for example educated people as they played - so too will this mod.

The mod will depict the battles which took place, as well as telling the story behind the events of the war, for example the concentration camps where 50% of the Boer people's children died (at least 27,000 children & women) - and how the Boers bravely fought against the such an overwhelming superiority of numbers, many ultimately being exiled to far away islands.

The reason I plan to use Ostfront and not a newer game/engine is because it is now much more affordable to most people, and many people do not have the newest graphics cards/computers in order to run the brand new games.

I need help with most aspects of the mod, anyone who can contribute even in a small way would be greatly appreciated: modellers, coders, mappers, people who can make textures, import/animate weapons anything. I cannot afford to pay anyone - so it will be more of an opportunity to get more experience at your respective skills and to contribute to a very important cause. If you can or would like to help in any way leave a message here or send me a private message detailing how you can possibly help.

Thank you for reading. :)
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