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Automatic Camera Movement when using any movement keys.


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Dec 28, 2022
I have recently gotten into KF2 and have been experiencing a very annoying issue throughout my first couple of sessions and I'm struggling to resolve it.

To summarize my issue briefly, whenever I use any movement keys, my camera automatically moves up vertically. I read some rather old reddit posts that talked about this issue being due to a controller plugged in, which I have already unplugged and removed from my PC. The automatic camera movement remains an issue though despite this.

I have also tried other methods such as changing the Controller Controls in KF2 to "Southpaw" which only made my camera move horizontally instead of vertically. So I'm still convinced the game is confusing some of the controls to be via a controller instead of mouse and keyboard.

I desperately want to play this game but this issue has honestly prevented me from truly enjoying the Killing Floor experience. If anyone has any ideas as to how I can resolve this please feel free to give me your ideas and or recommendations. Thanks