Armor Beasts Read out Mod on -*C*K*#3

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Feb 19, 2008
There was an interesting mod being played on the -*C*K*#3 (Only Tanks) Server yesterday. They use Amizaur’s excellent Armored Beasts mutator for tank maps -- good choice :D. They also have great taste in tank maps as they were playing Maslova :D – albeit an uber heavy tanks version. Battle of Tigers & Panthers vs. IS2's with a sprinkling of cannon fooder for the uber tanks known as PzKwIVs and T34s. The latter were apparently for the poor and the down troden that couldn't afford\run fast enough to get one of the numerous ubers.

Anyway the game does a HUD viewable readout on all larger caliber projectiles that are fired. When the projectile hits or misses. Each time a hit occurs a data read out pops up in the lower left of the screen. The readout indicates a great deal about how the game is calculating armor and projectile penetration. Range, time of flight, Impact velocity, compounded angle of impact, slope effects multiplier, equivalent plate at 0 (zero) degrees, and projectile penetration capability at 0-degrees, etc all appear in the data readout.
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