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A good way to WIN a game

What do you do?

  • I enjoy shelling the objective we are defending

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  • I enjoy shelling the enemy spawn

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  • I prefer grenades and their launchers

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  • I play infantry anyway

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 25, 2016
Just shoot anything you see. Anything. If it looks LIKE the enemy, blast it to pieces. You have at least 5 magazines of at least 20 rounds of ammo for any given intermediate or rifle caliber gun. You are an ARMY. Thank you, everyone. Ooo do not bayonet unless you absolutely need to, as the army films always tell you: know your range.

And also, basic commander etiquette is keep the artillery TOWARD the enemy spawn, do not shell your own objective unless you've already lost it permanently. No bullet is a wasted one unless you shoot it at a teammate, for some psychopathicreasonwhywouldyouevendothatanymoreaaaaaaaaaa