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Co-Operative Tanking Guide V1

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  • #16
    What of the greyhounds of the battlefield- a pair of double-crewed T-34's- moving up on the objective and firing...and as the Germans just KNOW the Rus are going to be stationary so they can reload- THE T-34'S KEEP ADVANCING! Not only that, but they are firing- with the main gun- on targets while on the move, and getting hits! Since the single-crewed Panzers can't move and fire- or move and reload- at the same time, they are forced to either evade the Rus or engage the attackers while stationary (and run the risk of taking hits at uncomfortable angles).

    Woe be unto the Tiger (for it's slow traverse speed) or the IS-2 (for it's slow reload time) if a moving, firing enemy is upon them.

    I completely agree that in SOME situations a single-crewed tank is effective enough, but IMHO playing that way is A) a bit too 'gamey', and B) taking RO tanks even further into the outer limits of unrealistic play.

    IMHO, tanks should be REQUIRED (except in solo play) to have a minimum of 2 crewmembers to even be operated- or at least compensate by overhauling the mount/dismount times to dramatically increase those times AND require a complete dismount (i.e., boots on the ground) before mounting in a different position. (Those of us who have actually served in tanks KNOW you can't just 'pop' in and out of a turret or driver's hatch- and some tanks you've got to practicaly be a gymnast to get in the correct crew position).


    • #17
      Good guide; thanks.

      My only quibble is the examples all assume the enemy is always a tank and the TC always has perfect situational awareness. Speaking as a frequent driver who has been stalked with fausts many times on Konigsplatz, I can assure you this is not always the case. =)


      • #18
        Very good guide. I've purchased RO not a week ago and have just recently found the wonders of working a tank. Replete with a mic, it's even better to work a crewed tank, not just me alone.

        While the point about solo-tankers is true to certain extent - when given bad teammates (i.e. worse than me) I prefer to steal a tank and off I go before they can hop in and ruin my effort. That is in an event where those would-be crewmen are of such abysmal quality that they do random things, failing at any cohesive tactics of planning.

        However, there are those tanks where a double, or a triple, crew is a must. The heavies I mean. Or the assault guns, to a lesser extent.

        Overall, as stated before, I prefer to have a fellow crewman. It's certainly much more rewarding - for example, spotting a T34 rushing past you order the driver of the Stug to stop, tell him to rotate left, but the T34 has already whizzed by and is behind you, so you shout "left! left! left!"... and he does as told and there you have the T34 for a nice backstab. Oh, they joy of working with others (personally, that's always a thing that attracts me to these games) and succeeding!

        Also, there's one more point about solo-tankers. They tend to be arrogant (I mean, just read that post above) and ruin others' fun. Like when you see a Pz4 and think: "hey, there's no more tanks, I'll just team up with this one" and all the other guy does is shout "scramb, ****er" (possibly not even in English). That's not fun. Or when you see those solos running after tanks, shooting at them with their pistol, to signify that "IT'S MY TANK, GUV". Or when you notice that solo tanker running down the hill, stop near him and offer a lift and even then he orders you to "scramb, ****er". Is not nice.

        My bottom line is: if you want to play a tank, accept the fact that your "property" may be crawled into. Accept the fact that others may view it as teamplay, not solo-charges. And if you really have to have the tank to yourself, agree on it with the potential co-crewmen. Not just declare your "rightfull" right to do as you please.

        Thank you, cheers!

        P.S. I think a mic is a must for the gunner. And use them local channels not to spam the rest of the team with details of manouvering your vehicle.
        P.S. 2 Sorry if I'm restating the obvious as the new kid on the block.
        [right]Nie st


        • #19
          I read this post and found this statement:

          "The firepower of the machine is extremely limited in the context of tanks. The only things it can defeat are infantry."

          While the above statement is very true, I with regards to the tank MG's, would like to point out the two MG's on a tank do have particular roles.

          If there is a post on this topic my apoligies in advance

          Bow MG

          It main and only purpose is anti infantry defense. In real life, the radio operator/mechanic had the secondary task of operating the Bow MG in combat situations. Now for the game, there is no comms for the Bow machine gunner to do. However, if you were playing a platoon tank scrim you could use the players as Communicators if you were using additional programs as Teamspeak etc... . More to follow....

          Co-axial MG

          This MG has two roles. First one which is extremely secondary is anti infantry defence for arcs not covered by the Bow MG.

          Now to the bread and butter of the Co-axial MG .

          The primary role of the Co-axial MG is to assist the Gunner/Commander in aiming the main gun to their tank. Normally, the Co-axial MG is in perfect allignment with the main gun. Prior to firing the main gun on target, the commander fired a minimum 10 round burst from the Co-axial MG to watch the path of the tracers to the target and adjusted their weapons in order to bring the main gun on target.

          MG Bursts

          The use of MG's by the Infantry and Armoured differ and their firing modes.


          Normally, when MG's are deployed, we in the infantry were taught to use the phase "Son of a *****" in order to achieve a 3 round burst. The reason for a 3 round burst was so the gunner can control their weapon more effectively. I do find myself as a Machine Gunner always chanting this phrase in the game .

          Infantry machine gunners would only use longer burst when the weapon was deployed in the sustained fire mode.


          As meantioned earlier in this post, the ten round burst was consider the norm for tanks. The reason for this is the way their ammunition is packed for their co-axial machine guns. Normal loading for a belt of machine gun ammunition is Four to One.

          4 Ball (Normal) rounds to 1 Tracer round.

          However it was explained to me that Armoured Corps could receive there ammunition for the Co-axial loaded as all tracer.


          • #20
            Thanx for the good posts. I really enjoy armored warfare in RO and I am starting to get a feel for it but it is tough to find a good partner sometimes. I really enjoy driving with a TC who knows what he is doing and communicates effectively.

            BTW SPattSgt, what you are talking about with using the Coax to line up main gun shots is called "Burst On Target" and it's an effective tactic. I am not sure how well RO models balistics but the COAX and Main gun usually have different balistic trajectories so there is a "synchronized range" at which both weapons strike the same point.

            Often with high velocity guns the COAX will be a little higher then the Main Gun at shorter ranges and increasingly lower at longer rangers as the lighter rounds from the MG really start getting into their terminal drop to the ground.

            With low velocity Main Guns like the short 75mm on the STUG IIIB and PZKW IVD it is often a reverse with the MG rounds comming in low initially and meeting at the synchronization point.

            I was a Combat Engineer on the M728 CEV which was a modified M60 class tank with a 165mm Main Gun, 7.62mm COAX and .50 Cal HMG in the TC coupola, (small turret on top of the main turret). The main gun had a max effective range of only 800 meters so the coax had more range then the main gun


            • #21
              Just came back from a long break off RO, and was looking around the forums while my game updates.

              This post, is simply, brilliant. I remember when I first played, I'd hop in a tank, call a few people to get in and drive headlong behind enemy lines firing wildly. I'll know now not to mess about, and see how fun this approach can be.

              Thanks again!