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What We Are Up To - Preparing For ... Something

Hello Mercs,

Last week we mentioned you would be heading back into the Biotics Lab to shut it down for good, and today we want to go over the new resources you’ll have available to get that job done. The Horzine Research Group has come up with some new concepts we think you are going to love.

First up, the HRG Winterbite for those Gunslingers out there. We get it, sometimes you just want to feel loved by the Sharpshooters, or well anybody running away from a ZED. Don’t you worry, with the Winterbite there is no way for you to fail! Equipped to fire cartridges to put some nitrogen ice shards downrange, these babies will help you bring your foes to a standstill, setting up some great combos with your team. Or team up with a Firebug for a Siren’s song of Fire and Ice!

And Medics, for you the HRG Incision may be your new best friend. The Incision is built around the simple concept of helping your friends, be that with a massive round downrange that will keep your foe’s EMP’ed. Or, and hear us out here, firing an equally oversized syringe at your friends (... or foes). This round will penetrate Zeds to reach your intended healing target and may keep those in your way off their feet with some stumble and knockdown power.

Or perhaps you are looking for something a bit new in the design department. And by new we mean old, probably older than the dirt the team found this design in. Sharpshooters, this firearm needs no introduction, having fought in every conflict around the world since WW I. The Mosin Nagant M91/30 sits in the middle ground between some of the heavier hitting specialized modern rifles and the quick-firing intermediate rounds. It also comes with some new perks, such as its standard bayonet guaranteed to hit the enemy a mile away or your money back. If stabbing it doesn’t work, follow that up with a quick pull of the trigger while those pesky ZED’s are still attached for some extra damage! And we hear the team isn’t afraid of using this weapon to block incoming Zed attacks.

Now for our SWAT mercs, the team has heard the requests, you want a machine pistol. Firing 1100 rounds a minute, the G18c will put rounds down range faster than your ability to acquire new Zeds to shoot at! Oh.... and one more thing. Did we mention it comes with a Riot Shield?

Giving you the ability to mitigate frontal damage, and bash out to push those two close away (firing that fast, you’ll need to reload sometime)! The G18C and Riot Shield come as a set, so get ready to blast and bash your way into the thick of it!

As a reminder: HRG weapons are free for all users, while the Riot Shield & Glock 18 and Mosin Nagant are purchasable after the Christmas Update Final Launch as Weapon Bundles packed with weapon skins for cosmetic customization.

Mercs, we haven’t heard back anything new from our agents in the field ... but we got one last broadcast....



Sep 9, 2018
My prayers for a Mosin Nagant WITH A BAYONET have been answered! I can't wait to use russian shooty spear

It's also the first firearm I've ever bought and I love it, even if the bolt requires some man handling

Will it reload idividual bullets or will it use stripper clips? Or both?
If they were to add the Pancor Jackhammer shotgun, I'd be hyped.


Active member
Feb 6, 2012
Should be both, and you can always give the Zeds an ol Stab shoot for extra fun! (would not recommend this in real life. I also owned a Mosin as my first firearm).
I'm sure I'm going to be doing lots of stabbing, probably more so than the shooting with the mosin, if the stabbing feels kinda like the Zweihander like I imagine it would. I always treat bolt-action rifles as spears in games.

And if I see a Zed in real life you bet I'm going to stab and shoot them...
although I think I might get more mileage out of my SKS if killing floor 2 taught me anything. And I think Tripwire would have some explaining to do :p