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Update 1.3 Builds Are Now In The Release Candidate Stage


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Oct 10, 2005
Hello everyone!

It has been awhile since we changed our plans for the now canceled Update 1.2.6 and the upcoming Update 1.3. Today we want to share with you some more details on what happened and what that means for the upcoming 1.3 build we know you are all waiting (mostly) patiently for!

So what happened? In general terms, a change made to the game engine in the past few months was causing maps to break. This started out as custom maps (which we know many of you love, and if you haven't checked out some of these amazing maps you should! Also did you know you can grab the great Green Army Men mod on the workshop as well? We strongly suggest you play it in the near future!) which was found when we started doing release candidate builds for Update 1.26.

Hunting down the change that caused this took considerable time, and was really complex to fix, but the team is now moving ahead with release candidate builds for Update 1.3! This means the QA team has a "final" build and is doing checks on every major system in the game and as many minor systems that we feel may have been touched by code changes. This testing will take several days and will likely result in some back and forth builds as issues are found and fixed and new release candidate builds are generated.

Our goal is to have Update 1.3 out by no later than mid May, based on the usual cadence of back and forth between QA and the rest of the team. As a reminder of some of the major changes in this build:
  • 3 New Maps
    • ApacheSnow
    • DemilitarizedZone
    • Saigon
  • 3 New Weapons
    • MAS-49 (3 variants)
    • Molotov
    • RP-46
  • New Leaning System
  • Individual Class Customization
  • Campaign Role and Weapon Balance changes
  • And Vehicle Aiming Decoupling from the vehicle rotation

We thank you all for your patience and look forward to seeing your boots on the ground!

Tripwire Interactive & Antimatter Games
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