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The Base Loadout

Mar 24, 2017
Endless is my favourite mode on this game. I have some ideas for loadout upgrades at the trader for endless mode

The 5 base loadout items;

Your base loadout is NOW shown at the trader, listed with the starting pistol, you can only upgrade 5 times to max (just like you can now with the 9mm pistol) max dosh is 1500 for the final upgrade (just like the 9mm now)

Items and their abilities at max upgrade;

Flash light
- Light lasts 5 times as long
- See ammo and armour behind walls
- Add 1 weight point. More space available for more weapons or an upgrade on your weapon

-Run 5% faster
-Swap weapons faster on all weapons
-1 weight point

-Weld door up to 200%, door wedge added top and bottom once over 100% maybe
-All weapons you hold are twice as strong
-1 weight point

-5% faster at healing
-When dead, you stay on the ground. If a player ends the wave, you auto respawn with all your weapons
-1 weight slot

-50% chance to knockdown or stun with the pistol
-All your weapons reload twice as fast
-weight slot again!


Active member
Feb 4, 2010
On running faster with a knife, you can tell who played KF1 as it was actually in play on KF1. Players would switch to knife to run faster. Not sure why it didn't get carried over from KF1. Also the maps on KF1 were much darker than KF2 so the flashlight was much more important back then.