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Suggestions and thoughts


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2019
Here are suggestions:
•Jumping, a jump button.
•Crouch height setting so you can set how low you have to crouch to trigger the crouching.
• Hand gestures: thumbs up and point (I streamed this game and it would be nice to point to what I'm talking about with chat)
•Give us the option to set the speed of smooth turn.
•AI movement is really weird, please make it more natural.
•AI likes to repeat a lot of the lines, just lower the amount of times they do so.
•AI sees you extremely fast, I notice the higher, or lower you are from their line of sight, they won't see you, but if you're around them and you barely peak them and they instantly notice you, as well as when.
•The game doesn't seem to care that you're in the dark which sucks a lot, but I understand some stealth games are like that; I know this'll take time, but you already have a cheatcode that makes you invisible to AI, so create spots on the maps, like really high up, and dark areas down below and put a invisible box that triggers invisibility unless you purposely attract them with your gun and so on, which then it'll disable the invisible trigger and so on.
Biggest suggestion: Please work on giving us a way to create our own levels, whether that be with the in-game assets, or just let us create our own with our own tools and just put them on the workshop for people to download, it'll add so much replayability to the game.