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Quality of Life Improvements


Jun 12, 2017

ive been playing rs2 since launch and recently I have been brainstorming potential QoL changes that could improve game health with just small actions.
  • Bushranger spawn is only activated while it is landed/at base
    • Rationale: although the spawn is labelled "gunship", many times while airborne people will spawn on your Bushranger then ask for a drop-off somewhere. If the spawn point were disabled mid-air it this issue would not occur
  • Make frag grenades NOT trigger traps, or reduce the radius at which they do
    • Rationale: there are many, many, many times that traps are tripped off by random nade spam that is inherent in the game. The fougasse mine especially gets destroyed more by random frags than by actually being tripped by enemy
  • Give the ability for the TL to remove radiomen from the role without vote
    • Rationale: some people choose radiomen for the smokes and different weps than rifleman, when people do this and do not listen to commander, it can lose you the game, especially as a north commander, who needs radiomen to play offensively and be near the front to ambush spawn. Giving executive power to the TL to boot radiomen would be a great way to inhibit radiomen that do their jobs
  • Vote kicks, Role kicks, Commander/ squad lead orders, and teamkill forgives should all have different design/color/differentiation of some sort on the dialogue box. Further reading at https://old.reddit.com/r/rs2vietnam/...auto_f1_votes/
    • Rationale: Many, many, many people (I cannot stress how frequent this happens!) people, whether they are in the middle of a firefight, too lazy to read, or just want the F1/F2 dialogue box to disappear from their screen when it pops up. Tons and Tons and tons of times people will vote F1 of F2 without even READING what the vote or prompt is for. This has led to countless times that I myself have witnessed, trolls or problem players vote or role kicking people from roles. And when this happens often people will ask in voip or chat "what did they even do wrong?" but by this time often the vote will pass
      • I would almost suggest removing tk forgiving as a prompt, but go back to the old system where you would type "np" to forgive
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