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KF Need help with custom skins (players and weapons)!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 28, 2014
Hey guys!
Don't know if this is the right place for it or not, but if it's not, I'm hoping some kind Mod would move it for me.

Anyway, onto my main piece. I'm making (in server-perks) a total Resident Evil overhaul. For those that don't know what Resident Evil is, here, I'll lend you my PS1.
But that's beside the point.
What I want is a set of character skins, one for each of my classes:
Leon Kennedy (preferably Resident Evil 2) (sharpshooter variant)
Ada Wong (preferably Resident Evil 6) (sharpshooter variant)
Jill Valentine (preferably Resident Evil 1) (commando variant)
Rebecca (Resident Evil 0) (medic variant)
Chris Redfield (preferably Resident Evil 1) (commando variant)
Claire Redfield (Resident Evil 2) (support specialist variant)
Albert Wesker (preferably Resident Evil 1) (sharpshooter variant)

Obviously, give females the female voice and males the male voice.
Reason for this is so that when they select that perk, they get that skin. I know it's doable in Server Perks, I just need the skins.
This is obviously not for profit. Don't ask me to pay you for it, just do an anon a favor and help me out. If you like, I will credit you when the pack comes out on the steam workshop. I might think about gifting you a steam game, depending on what you want (hint hint make it good!)
I have tried making custom skins, and failed miserably. So this is where I need the Internets help.
I'm also planing on creating several Resident Evil maps for KF (Raccoon, R.P.D, Underground Lab), which, if you wish to help me out with, message me.
Thanks to any anon wishing to help me out!

On a side note:
If your good at making weapon skins, I tried to put a H&K VP70M over the 9mm starting pistol.
If anyone can do this, I will get you a steam game. I want it that badly.