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Map Fixes and Bugs for Content Update 2


Active member
Dec 18, 2012
Gathering a list of things, most rather small on all of the maps for the next small update. I will break things down by map and any large mod related bugs I will post on Jira.

Hill 400
  • More Allied Cover for B Cap
  • Address the far flank to B that Axis can shoot from, but allies are blocked by Minefield
  • Check Spawn Protection for any holes
  • Make some of the main wire sections Satchel Objectives so they will show on map, HUD and give points for destruction

Caen Outskirts
  • Increase Tickets for Allies by approx 100
  • Make final cap more defendible for Defenders (Possible bunker)
  • Some Spawn points near A cap for Axis still underground
  • Floating Wall far right side of map near E Cap
  • Address Crashes (Likely lower all imported texture resolutions)
  • Increase final cap time

Port Brest
  • More Cover from C to D
  • Make C cap slightly smaller (end it before fountain)

  • Some bots get stuck near first far right Allied Spawn
  • Axis Spawn Protection kicks in within the E cap
  • Increased Church Cap time from 28 to 30 secs
  • Spread Allies Spawns for E apart a little
  • Moved Allies Initial Spawn up

  • I don't think PsychoPigeon will mind if I modify a couple things on the map to give allies a few options for entering B Cap and maybe some details in the buildings if time permits
  • The reduction of Axis Assault STGs seems to have really helped the balance also

No known issues with this map
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Grizzled Veteran
Sep 25, 2014
The last objective of Caen outskirts suffers because it's hard for the allies to get into the trenches. So it would be good to have a few french entrances that extend back towards the houses and stuff.aube even an entrance that goes from the front of the house into the main trench system. And possible a second entrance extending back on the left side of it as well.

If you are gonna give the british a bunker it would have to be wooden and/or sandbags.