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Creating a new Class


FNG / Fresh Meat
What files do I have to modifie to create a new class?
I want to create an special Marksman class, "Elite Marksman".

I tried doing it directly on my map "World Properties" like this:

Adding an "Elite Marksman" on my Squad
Using RORoleInfo.

But ingame it dosn't display a name nor the weapons.
And when I play I don't have the primary/secondary weapon.
If I select "is Marksman" nothing changes.


Using RORoleInfoAxisMarksman

The problem I have here is that it dosn't create a new class slot. Instead I have 2 marksmans in wich one will be normal (I have it seted up) and the other will be my Elite Marksman (with all the weapons I added).
Another problem is that it will have all the weapons from the normal marksman class, wich I don't want. I just want him to have a Kar98 as primary weapon.

I also want to create a new model of a camouflaged sniper. I should probably create a new class that uses that model (and my Weapon settings). Something like RORoleInfoAxisEliteMarksman.
Where can I find the RORoleInfoAxisMarksman to use as a Base for my RORoleInfoAxisEliteMarksman? And how would I edit this files?


FNG / Fresh Meat
I managed to export all scripts and found what I was looking for!


Okay so I created 2 new scripts, RORoleInfoAlliesEliteMarksman.uc and RORoleInfoAxisEliteMarksman.uc
Based on the Marksman classes.
Do I have to edit more files?

How should I compile this files? Should they go in the ROGame.u? Or a custom *.u file?
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