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Beta weapon impressions


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Feb 1, 2011
Incoming copy-paste of the exact same thread i made on Steam

VLAD-1000 (Rebalanced)
It's actually servicable on the Berserker and even better on Support. I dunno how to feel about its performance on Support to the point where I still question whether or not the VLAD should be a cross-perk weapon. I still think i'd rather a bayonetted M1 Garand replace the VLAD's role as an early game ranged weapon for the Berserker, considering that the VLAD being good on Zerker means that it's a tad too good on Support

HRG Nailgun
The fact that it's a SWAT weapon is already a red flag. Nails feel too weak and the shotgun mode seems a bit pointless. Somehow worse than the VLAD-1000 even before its buffs

A singular buckshot makes for a pretty good early-game weapon, though dual-wielding feels like a deathwish more often than not. Strangely enough, the dual shotgun pistols seem to perform better on the Survivalist than Support, though that's probably because you're likely also carrying an RPG-7, Medic Pistol and Hemoclobber. I think it might be worth it to balance the dual pistols as a Gunslinger Tier 5 with the singular pistol acting as a Support cross perk

Don't often get a chance to play medic in online games since I'm usually going as the team's Berserker or Demolitionist. As a weapon on its own right, it's pretty bad and I feel like the best way to fix it is to have it count as a Firebug weapon first and a Medic weapon second. Yes, i know it doesn't exactly shoot flames, though i'm sure a spray cannon that heals people would be nice to have alongside the Helios Rifle. I wouldn't dismiss the Healthrower too early since i imagine it'd be extremely effective at healing players who keep dodging your darts.
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