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AI Still Needs Work - Game is not Designed for True Ghost Play Style


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Nov 28, 2019
London UK
I posted this on Steam and repost here.

I've come to the conclusion that despite the AI fixes the game AI is too unforgiving for those looking to pure ghost the levels. It seems the game is purely designed for players to KO and Shoot the guards, hide bodies rather than distract and evade without interaction. Whilst it's certainly possible to distract in some moments in others the AI routines get messed up when they spot you and return to patrols. There is still an unrealistic amount of Super Vision from guards.

Whist I can argue the AI is more realistic than most stealth games in terms of vision it doesn't make the game any better unfortunately. In fact it's less fun. Most stealth games present predictable AI routines that players learn. But here the random element throws that away. In some ways the ideal is good, but on the other hand it's a POS.

I think to make the game less painful the areas of light and dark need much improvement. I mean whilst the Cave area of mission 2 for example is well-lit, in general the guards there should not spot you in dark corners from 30 feet away unless they are wearing Night Vision goggles. Put that in the game rather than have guards looking away from you spot you when you're beneath them. Make the distinction clear as to how covered you are in the dark. This is why games like Splinter Cell offer light meter mechanics. It's a balance between allowing the player to see in the dark and hiding the player from the enemy. That seems to be non-existent here. Perhaps a Night vision mode for the player?

Another bugbear is how AI seems to always move to where you're sitting. They might be distracted but once they move away from the distraction area they then come to where you are. This is a horrible AI routine. I would suggest make the guards linger more seconds where the distraction comes from. It seems they look for 0.5 of second before moving away to look around. This isn't fair on the player and means players cheap it out by pressing the distraction button again.

I can see why people suggest the AI is too easy because you are forced by-design to shoot and KO them to progress.


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Staff member
Oct 10, 2005
The team is working on several AI improvements. Some will be more immediate, others more long term but we hope to address guards ability to spot the player as well as their behavior patterns to brings them more in line with what players are expecting here.