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abandoned project


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 30, 2009
I no longer have the time nor the drive to work on this anymore. When I first got kf and played olde tower I thought it would be awesome to make more traderless maps like it. What I thought might be a couple days worth of work turned into weeks and then into a couple months.


The idea behind this was a group of delivery men got trapped while making their delivery due to an unknown accident and had to fight their way through a near-future kind of facility. By wave 5 the story is suppose to pan out and reveal that the reason for the disaster was caused by the delivery men trying to escape in a kind of time paradox twist. Turns out telling that kind of story with simple triggers is pretty darn hard.

After causing the explosion that started the adventure, the players back track to a newly opened area and enter a sewerish section of the level, finally existing at ground level in a cluttered city section right below the tunnel they started at. By wave 8 they are trapped infront of that tunnel with no where to go but down the road which of course is destroyed. This is where I stopped building as I kind of have built myself into a corner. I theorized that I could air drop supplies with a bunch of triggers and movers and force players to fight there for another wave or so but I'm really not sure if that's possible and I'm out of time to try.

This map is no where near being done, with maybe 7-8 waves of geometry fleshed out, no wave based triggers for the doors or spawns and the only zombie spawns being put in the first two areas to test a few things out.
I don't have the artistic talent to make my own textures so I had to rely on the generic base stuff which really didn't translate into what I wanted to do.

One of the main teleports doesn't work and I have no idea why. It use to work up and just suddenly stopped.

If anyone wants to take this up and slap their name on it, go right ahead. I'd rather play it some time in the future with someone elses name on it then it just end up being a huge waste of my time sitting on my hard drive.


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 27, 2009
Droitwich, England
How long were you working on that? It's huge! And unfortunately Its way beyond my level.

But I really hope someone does finish this, It could be a great map!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 27, 2009
More than anything this reinforces the idea that objective maps are possible, in some sense. I enjoy objective maps more (See Zombie Master - Half Life 2 mod) and this engine is pretty capable of performing in similar ways, provided you know your ways around triggers and Unreal Script.

Unfortunately you would need to make a mod (or a heavy duty mutator) to change several things about the game to fit objective game styling. For example, I don't think there should be a trader in objective maps. I would remove it entirely and just put in weapon spawns and ammo spawns.

The wave based game play would need to be removed, along with the game ending when the "waves" are finished. It would need to be a bombardment, perhaps not as heavy at one time as now, more spaced out and constant.

That way, the mapper would be able to trigger the Patriarch at a certain point in the map as an RPG-type boss battle.

Anyway, your map shows some good concepts, but it is rather jumbled and difficult for an outsider to understand what is going on.