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I love this game. It just seems like there’s been a lot of bugs and issues with it. It’s a pity.
hello, I offer you a deal
if you can find me a way to have a mutator that works to increase the number of player at kiling floor 2. 50 people for example.
I offer you 4 kiling floor licenses 2
you can contact me by email
Yes. He had some non-spam posts too. So, one chance.
That's the point, the fake account is meant to bypass the anti spam control lol.
You have to take a deep breath and stay civil. We're not going to knock heads like that, like Steam or Reddit. I have a whole menu here of infractions and punishments, but I never wanted to grow up to be a cop. So, don't let it get to you. Use your zen.
You have been reported for quoting other people and editing their quotes to include links that were not there before. This is a warning to let you know if we see that kind of thing again, it will be considered spam and you could be banned.
I spoke with QA and they do have a bug in for this. So, it is a known issue we hope to resolve soon. BTW, I did not send you post with your account name to the public forum, just to be safe, though we did use it to confirm your purchase.

I know Aaron Schaffer is not an uncommon name, but I wonder if you are an Aaron I know. He would be able to answer that question.
I moved your post out of suggestions, into the support forum, as I had asked you to do. This is where you can find help. Duplicating posts in the wrong subforum was not working.
Regarding your thread that got RIP due to site bullshittery your tool works perfectly been using it for while now, i recently re-downloaded my KF2Server and i have forgotten where appworkshop_232090.acf goes, would you be able to direct me to the right direction?

I can see this

I created "steampps\workshop" and put the .acf inside the workshop folder and still fails to download. But it does get cached. Under WorkShop ID it now says "BrewedPC" not the ID digits as it would normally be.

Because your thread went i cannot read the guide lol. I think i put the acf in a wrong location maybe.
I've been playing the killing floor series for a while and I had some ideas for some weapons for all the perks. I would love to see these added or at least considered.

Scythe - for the berserker class.

A medium speed weapon that falls under the bladed category with a damage higher than the katana and a price of $750

G36 - for the commando class.

With damage higher than the L86 but lower than the AK12 with a fire rate like the M16 I think this would fit in perfectly with a price of $800. It should have semi, burst and auto fire modes.

AED - for the medic class.

A weapon that fires a arc of electricity that chains to zeds and stuns them for a short time. Alternate fire modes shoots a gas cloud of healing for teammates.

The price should be $1200 and do less damage than the hemoglobin since it will shoot faster.

Winchester 1887 - for the support class.

A lever action shotgun that has higher damage than the dp12. The price should be $1000. Can also be used by the gunslinger.

Thompson - for the swat class.

The damage should be low or medium but have a high fire rate. Only full auto fire mode. Kinda like the p90 but higher damage. With a price of $850

The judge - for the gunslinger class.

A revolver that has 5 shots of buck shot with high spread. The damage should be between the deagle and the sw500. The price should be between the two as well. Can also be used for the support.

The thunder gun - for the demolition class.

Basically a China lake but with a catch, when the rounds explode they have a cluster bomb effect. The damage should be less than the single shot grenade launcher, but definitely higher than the grenade pistol with a mag of 3. The price should be $550.

The mosin or “the Russian” - for the sharpshooter class.

High damage, high penetration, but SLOW fire rate. Mag size of 5 and a damage model of the rail gun in alternate fire mode. The price should be $1500.

Scorch - for the firebug.

A weapon that fires a laser that burns zeds and spreads for to nearby zeds. With a mag of 4 and a alternate fire mode that fires all beams like a shotgun. The beams should have max penatration but average damage. Can also be used by the demolition.

G18c- for the survivalist.

A Glock pistol converted into a carbine. With two fire modes being semi and auto. The gun should have a price of $750 since it's still a pistol. Can also be used by the swat.

I've had the ideas of the weapons and I would love to see to them added into the game.