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ZED's AI settings for evade / block threats need update


Active member
Apr 27, 2015
Russian Federation
Category: Code.
Summary: Each ZED has its own list of threats to evade or block (stored in their ai controller classes). This list hasn't been updated for a while.

For example Scrake only blocks when being aimed at with the original 4 or Sharpshooter's weapons but ignore m99 or spx464.

This includes, but might not be a complete list:
  • Bloat, Abomination, Scrake, Fleshpound, Quarterpound, King Fleshpound, Patriarch Hans Volter not blocking and E.D.A.R, Slasher, Crawler, Stalker not evading when being aimed at with:
    • SPX 464 Centerfire
    • Mosin Nagant
    • M99 AMR
  • Cysts, Alpha Clots, Rioters, Slashers, Crawlers, Stalkers, EDARS and Hans Volter not evading:
    • Seal Squeal projectiles
    • M203 projectiles
    • Seeker Six projectiles
    • Husk Cannon projectiles
    • M203's explosive damage type is listed for these ZEDs but it doesn't actually work because it needs to be replaced with the actual projectile class: KFDT_Explosive_M16M203 -> KFProj_HighExplosive_M16M203
  • For all evasive ZEDs the projectile class "KFProj_Bullet_Pellet" listed as a projectile to evade (presuming ZEDs are supposed to evade all shotgun projectiles when they land nearby), however it doesn't look like ZEDs ever evade shotgun shots at all. The possible reason is likely KFProj_Bullet_Pellet.ShouldWarnAIWhenFired, where, according to commentary, it meant to check evade possibility for only one projectile out of salvo, by what it seems to be a really unreliable method. At least i've not been able to make any ZEDs to avoid my shots in 30 fps nor 120 fps modes. Flankly the only shotgun ZEDs ever evade is Dragonsbreath and its projectile class in not even Bullet_Pellet (rather just Bullet).
  • Cysts, Alpha Clots, Rioters, Slashers, Crawlers, Bloats, King Bloat and EDARs do evade Ground Fire of Caulk n' Burn and Flamethrower but do not evade GF and Residual Flames of
    • Spitfire
    • Dragonsbreath
    • Microwave Gun
    • Husk Cannon
    • Molotovs (some ZEDs do evade actual molotov grenade but not its flames).