Xbox One shuts down (due to overheating)

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Aug 5, 2021
I've been trying to play for more than 10 times.

I played for about an hour and everything was fine. Afterwards, the playing time was reduced until after 5 minutes of playing my console turned off.

This is a problem on your part, an optimization problem. And they must figure it out because we are paying for the game.

My console doesn't even feel hot and the fan sounds regular, but not excessive like with other games, so it's not a problem of overheating, it's a problem that your game is crashing and has bugs.

Several people reporting it for months and they can't give us a solution, it's incredible.


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Sep 8, 2021
same thing happens on my Series X which is absolutely pathetic, you'd think that it being a game so called optimized for the new series console it wouldn't have this issue's but nope it plagues the series consoles also, thank god i didn't buy this game, i play it through game pass, and i can't play for more than 5 minutes until it forces my series x to shut off fully and so called overheat, I've also put 11+ hours into the game and now i can't play cause of this issue