Xbox one port?

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Lt. Flak

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Jan 18, 2019
I wanna start by saying I've been a fan of shooters since the early 2000s, and have played pretty much every generic mainstream military FPS since. Call of Duty, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, this, that, over there, right here, all over the place. Hands down, none of them compete to RS2: Vietnam. Holy crap. In any of those other games, your chances of survival in an extreme moment are pretty significant, in this, you're going to die. This game embodies the Vietnam war in so many aspects, and being a military history enthusiast, I APPRECIATE the hell out of that beyond the gameplay. Now, gameplay wise, I'm scared just to round a corner, or go past a tree. As an FNG, I feel the strongest desire to rush, push, keep up with my squaddies and support them, capture that point and hold it against counterattack. Battlefield has nothing on this game. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. I'm a Battlefield Fanboy, and with BFV out, I'm sick of it. I played all of 'em, excluding 3 and BF:HL, for a solid year, or two, or three, depending on when the next came out, and when I skipped one, but BFV? I'm sick of it already. In fact, buying an Xbox One feels like a mistake. I wanna play this game more, explore it, rip into it and delve deep into the jungle, sweating and near-terrified I'm going to have holes ripped into me, watching my feet, or seeing the jungles rip into flames and shrapnel from artillery and napalm alike. TWI, you guys did FANTASTIC setting this up, you've easily cleared Dice out of the market for me as not just a consumer, but a passionate gamer.

With that said, while my computer runs this game just fine, I find it hard to adjust to. And, knowing how starved some few of us are on Xbox One, with these over-hyped, big-name games leaving us so depressed...Well. I'd really like to ask, and hear, if anybody, from the devs or the community, thinks this game would ever do well as an Xbox One port. Nothing cut out, nothing overly simplified. Hold a button to have multi-function controls like a radial menu, gear selector, weapon status, the likes. This game is hardcore and extreme, and it should stay that way, but I'd love to see you guys branch out into new markets and reach new demographics, would love to sink into it and become more immersed on the Xbox myself, and I know a helluva lot of people on Xbox One would love to see this game, get to experience it and love it, and would enjoy it just as much as the PC Community.

Rant over. I know the community is PC based, and that the Devs are still updating and implementing new things and content, which I LOVE, but. Do you think this game deserves to be more wide-spread? Could it maybe one day be ported to Xbox One and PS4?


In Soviet Russia, Yoshiro is a cake
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Oct 10, 2005
We currently have no plans to bring RS 2 to console. However, future games in the franchise we will re-evaluate and look at what platforms are available.