WWAUT - Holdout Mode Details

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Oct 10, 2005
Hello everyone!

Killing Floor: Incursion is just over one week away for its next major update (and release on Steam) on November 7th! This update will bring with it a hardcore mode for the co-op campaign as well as the brand new Holdout mode - An endless challenge where players can leave their mark as the best Zed Killers around.

Today we want to talk more in depth about some of the feature of Holdout mode. If you've been keeping track, Incursion's Holdout mode is an endless wave mode where players (or 2 person cooperative groups) make a stand and hold out as long as they can to be ranked by leaderboards per level. This includes using the brand new weapon, the Katana, exclusive to Holdout mode!

Today we want to go a bit more in depth about scoring and some of the mechanics exclusive to Holdout mode, starting with powerups!

As players continue the fight against the ever more difficult horde of Zeds in Holdout mode, power ups will make their appearance on the battlefield. These include:
  • Unlimited ammo - No reload and reduced recoil
  • Vampire - Damage dealt to an enemy regenerates player health and can add armor

  • Berserker - All melee does explosive damage, the player is also invincible

  • Zed Time - Puts the game in zed time while the player can move, reload and shoot in real time.
  • Nuke - Kills all zeds currently in the world[/COLOR]

  • 4x Damage - Deal 4x normal damage with all weapons and damage types

Now beyond these amazing tools of Zed destruction, we have mentioned that players will be competing for top Zed Killer via Leaderboards. The way players will accomplish this is by their actions as they keep up the fight. Players are awarded points for certain actions which include:
  • Zeds Killed (bigger Zeds are worth more, bosses are worth the most!)
  • Consecutive head shots (after 3, in a short time period)

So Zed Hunters get practicing! We look forward to seeing just who is the most prepared for the Zed hordes!