WWAUT - Getting Hardcore

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Oct 10, 2005
Hello everyone!

The Incursion team here at Tripwire has already announced that they are working towards a new wave based "Holdout" mode, but there is more to come and today we want to share some of that with you. We've been reading your feedback asking for more ways to play Incursion, such as a new difficulty, and we agree! With the next major update alongside Holdout we are also targeting the inclusion of a new Hardcore difficulty mode for the main campaign.

"But what is "œHardcore?” you ask. Let's dive in! First off, players will be able to choose the new Hardcore mode via the map select screen or change it dynamically from in game if they find their current experience too easy or hard for their tastes. Now once a player (or co-op group) has entered hardcore they will notice a few things are different, resulting in the game being less forgiving with more challenging Zeds harrowing the player. This plays out via the following mechanics:

Zeds, like their Killing Floor 2 brethren, have learned how to sprint, making them come in to attack much faster. At the same time they will be coming in with more "friends" than before, giving players more targets to take out in style.


Along with numerically greater and improved Zeds, players will also find that boss battles have increased the challenge as well. We would tell you, but want to leave some fun surprises for the next time you visit with them.

But that isn't all. The team has also been looking at how to address other pain points that have been raised by the community. We are happy to confirm we are adding smooth rotation option as well as fixing many (if not all) specific map areas players have reported having navigation issues with - either in teleport or free move modes.

Stay tuned for more exciting news in the coming weeks, including more details about Holdout as well as... was that a new weapon I saw? Til next time,

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Feb 1, 2013
Will there be a new weapon too? I miss my good old Flamethrower and the reliable Rocketlaucher.