[WIP] M3 Halftrack

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Active member
Dec 18, 2012
We should totally have you model a tiger tank, no wait, a Yamato-Class battleship. Yeah, that's not too complex? *cough* Lemonater *cough*

I was thinking a little bigger...



Grizzled Veteran
Sep 25, 2014
Yea, the 8" artillery is more logical than the 6" navy. Funny, I half expected that shoulder stock/snail drum combo, only with the carbine model :p

Asking now, cause planning is a big part of modeling.

Don't need to do a carbine or snail magazine model lol. Kind of a joke. I was doing further research and the snail magazine was quite rare. When it was issued the soldier had 1 snail magazine and the rest were standard magazines. The full carbine model was even rarer and not used with the snail magazine often looking at images. Also I'm looking at people using these things and the recoil just isn't there. Compared to say an M1 carbine which still has a bit of a kick. Not to mention many carbine designs are modern modofications so getting actual ww2 reference issues for that would be hard.

The nazi navy also didn't really use the Navy Luger anymore in ww2 that was more of a german imperial navy thing.

So yeah black Luger at 25 then 8 inch Luger standard magazine, no stock would be good.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 28, 2011
Ventura, California

There's 3 versions planned ATM:

1. The 1917 Erfurt. My version has lost its blue, with wood grips magazine base.

2. The 1938 DWM, which was polished and blued. Looking more brown than blue, with wood grips and a bright steel magazine base.

3. The 1942 byf "black widow". Mauser's high polished luger with deep black finish. Black bakelite grips and magazine base. This is the "Elite" luger. Looks more like the H&G, but without those rediculus grips.

NOTE: Can do all 3 with the same model, and just swap textures. Though the black widow does require a new magazine model to be accurately represented in the line up.

Sorry, that means no 8" artillery :(


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 28, 2011
Ventura, California
No pics today.

Just a word to let those who care, the 3rd person models of the P08 Luger are coming along nicely.

Condensed the UV maps for the 1st person model from 2 (gun and mag were seperate), down to one. This will reduce draw calls and video card memory usage by a small margin.

Hope to have this project wrapped up, and ready for animation by the end of the month.