Winning Hedgehog as Russians

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 3, 2006
This is a big challange to me. Today, we lost with scores of 1 to 2. I was squad leader, and I smoke a barn, then send in infantry to cap the farmhouse, while tanks cover them. Once we have done that, we move onto the next point. I concentrate all my force to 1 point, and I sneak into an unguarded farmhouse and cap it. However, those Germans have amazing defenses for Central Farmhouse! (there last one) They have Riflemen and snipers on the rooftops and windows, and the rest hide in the bushes with there STG44 and Faust, so its very hard for vehicles to get near the Central house.

Any tips to win Hedgehog?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 22, 2006
winning hedgehog is very easy but you need a few good people on your team. First of all you need a sniper that can keep the roofs clear. Secondly you need tankers that realize they can capture objectives and that the T60 has a machine gun that kicks butt at mowing down infantry. 90% of the time the gunners in the T60 on this map only use the main gun and that things only really ment to be used on armor. its dumb to use it on infantry. MG is far more effective. If the tanker goes right to the west farmhouse with both the comander and the tanker in the tank and park it right on the side of the building between the dead horse and the fence they take that farmhouse before germans even show up to defend it. very easy then the tank drives right to west spraying that MG all along the way in the direction of central hitting any infantry they can see just to slow them down. while everyone rushes east and the tank is out front out of the veiw of the front door of the east farm house but still in the cap zone it can work on taking that and be somewhat safe from the wave of panzerfausts hidden inside. While the infantry clears out east. Sniper keeps the roof and the window clear where the germans like to snipe from and the infantry goes inside throws a granade up on that ledge and slowly clears the building.

Once east is clear you need about 3 russians to stay inside to defend it. mean while the tank goes to central to cap along with the rest of the infantry this includes the squad leader that smokes the path between east and central. The tank shouldnt go into the center courtyard of central to cap but it can go against the east wall of the building and still be in the cap zone while spraying the MG at anyone that gets close with a fair amount of cover from everywhere but the roof. Its best for the infantry to go in the east and south east doors to get into the building germans never seem to defend that corner at all they are always on the north side watching the russians that come out of spawn.

The only real problem on this map is getting people to do anything other then camp. The tankers always seem to just drive around the middle of the map looking for the german tank and getting themself blown up by panzerfausts. The sniper needs to work on the objective as well even if all hes doing is picking off the germans that are defending the objectives. The squad leader and tank commander both need to get into the capzone for that extra cap power they both have.