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Winners Announced in Rising Storm $25,000 "Banzai" Community Mapping Contest!

I just went and had a look... this is how the competion was announced and also sounds on the main Competion page:
Tripwire Interactive are proud to announce the "Banzai" Community Map Making Competition for Rising Storm. Rising Storm is racking up our highest review scores ever and PC Gamer recently named Rising Storm number 12 in it's list of the 25 best shooters of all time. In light of this success we decided to continue Tripwire Interactive's tradition of supporting our modding community with a mapping competition for Rising Storm. Last year's contest for Red Orchestra 2 produced an amazing selection of new community-made maps, so we are expecting great things from the Rising Storm mapping contest. Of course, to add some incentive, we are looking at cash and prizes totaling in excess of $25,000 - the Grand Prize is a full $10,000 in cash.

But if you read the actual rules, it states you can produce RO2 maps.
About as clear as mud, and if someone wanted to dispute this legally, they would certainly have a very good case given how the competion was presented to entrants.
I hope none of the entrants thought it was RS only, because someone might have got done out of $1000.
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Well done all who submitted maps whether they're mentioned or not, hopefully these wont be too long in coming to the main game, as these are pretty polished anyway, and well tested from a bug point of view

If the earlier contest is anything to go by yes Myshkova River will become a standard map which is nice as its a another big map

Don there were at least 4 HOS maps in contest: streets, Myshkova river, zaponvia( Cant remember exact spelling) and another village called uno
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its really sad the rest of the people didnt get any consolation prize (whats about t-shirts, pullovers or tea-cups??). I can't figure out why there isnt?? Maybe twi give all my last critics about this contest a chance, and let make the contest worth for me people execpt our 4 winners..... conratz to all these

and next time it would be cool, to have an list what EXACTTLLY you judging for. Cause it seems, it doesnt matter spending more and more time in the map and get it better. (performance, mapsize, details, logic) its enough to put something down and hope it works?

some open-view judging would be nicer.
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I'm richly pleased to see these results. Super work from everyone.

All of these maps and many others will continue to be in the rotation list
on Crucible for everyone's enjoyment.

Congratulations, all of you.

Just a side note: There's a rumor going around that one of the winning maps features a urinal stall with the
names of many supportive TWB members scrawled on the wall. If true, those darn folks can be
found "hanging out" anywhere. Lord.
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@ Draper: Rising Storm contains ROH, so no reason to become a nitpicker here. Do you have a ROH map you wanted to contribute?

@ yours truly: you can play them already just download the stuff and join custom map servers.

@ the winners: congratulations and thanx for he wonderfull maps.
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