Will manual bolting still be there?

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Sep 6, 2006
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Something else to remember: 70 years ago, Mosin-Nagant bolts were not a pain in the *** to operate.

The sticky-bolt syndrome that we all seem to get is a relatively modern problem, caused primarily by the combination of laquered-case ammunition and cosmoline that has been heated by repeated firing.

Rifles that had not been refurbished and left to sit for 70 years with the cosmoline in them - like my M44, and my new Finn - don't have sticky-bolt problems. The bolts on those guns are no nastier to operate than my Mausers. Also, use of brass-case ammo - or at least non-lacquered - SERIOUSLY alleviates this problem, even with the refurbed guns.


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Jun 10, 2007
I don't think an increased bolting speed for the manual mode is necessary, the manuals already have the advantage of getting to choose if they want to bolt or go into melee instead, so why make the difference even bigger?


Not necessarily. I'm pretty sure automatic bolting would be faster because there is no time delay (or the minimum amount of delay) between firing and bolting. Whereas you do it manually, there is a delay between your first and second click, unless you always double-click instinctively, in which case it negates the point of manual bolting anyways.