Will Anything Come of Calamity?

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Sgt TastyWheat

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Jul 11, 2011
Let me make myself perfectly clear, I own Calamity on three devices. My Ouya and two different Tablets. When announced that it would be coming to the Ouya I was pumped, not because I found the Ouya to be all that great (yet it did get more hate than it probably should have), but because I love twin stick shooters and have always been a fan of killing floor and Tripwire.

Calamity had a tough time out of the gate. Many criticized it before it even had a chance, as it was being developed right around the time KF2 was being worked on. There was a lot of chatter on the forums saying that Tripwire should focus on one thing at a time, unaware to most that the game was being worked on by a separate team than the KF2 staff.

The game also had a lot of interesting elements. Progression to level 20, progression of weapon levels, the leaf blower weapon, new weapons, and new perk specific abilities. The game is comfortable in dropping the elements from its first person predecessor and adding in new game mechanics that benefit the top down genre's play system.

The most popular topic on this form is asking when this game will come to steam. Ouya has a specific "exclusive" policy that it was trying to hold onto when it was first released. To the fine details and extent of that policy I am unsure of. They were really big on getting titles that you could get nowhere else. The way that Ouya did this was by having their apps be exclusive for a few months to a year before it could be released on other platforms. I wanted to play Calamity with my friends on Steam, but I didn't complain. I played it on my Ouya and waited, knowing that if it was going to happen, it would happen after a few months of being exclusive to the Ouya. Sure enough, after a few months we saw it released on google play and playable on the nvidia shield. Things seemed to stop their though and this is where I am disappointed.

I am not going to sit here and tell game designers how to do their job, as I have no idea how game design works, but I will say what I know. Calamity has achievements. It is built on Unity (I believe) which has seen success in porting over to PC and early on TW even discussed adding an online feature. The game is so polished and fun and most of the work is finished (as far as I can tell). Yet the game has not reached the audience it could have. Any exclusive deals with Ouya are most likely over (Seeing as they've been bought out anyway). We have seen TW willing to port it to other platforms like Android. The game was meant to be played couch co-op with controllers, so even if there is not a possibility of online, why not release it on steam anyway? With Steam machines, Steam Link and Steam big picture, Steam is being used for couch gaming more than ever. THIS IS SUCH A GREAT FUN TITLE! I WANT TO PLAY IT MORE! I WANT MY FRIENDS TO PLAY IT! I WANT PEOPLE TO BUY IT. I WANT TW TO MAKE DOSH.

Is there a reason this game has not been ported?

Take it from someone who already owns 3 copies of this game. I WILL BUY ANOTHER. Don't believe people want this game? Go look at the most popular post in this section of the forum. Over 90 posts about people discussing when this game will come to steam.

Give my anything guys. I've been a Tripwire fan for years, back to early Killing Floor days. You've got a real gem on your hands and I hate to see an opportunity missed. Will you ever release this game on Steam, or PSN or anything that isn't a obscure android device?

With Thanks,
SGT Tasty Wheat


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Aug 3, 2012
I love calamity, it's sad that it can't be played online or, at least, with bots. ahm, and the 4 players options too...