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why dus nerds has lov sosial intelligence?


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Nov 21, 2005
Sheppards house
I never quite understood the strict division between nerds/geeks and jocks and "popular" people that seems apparent in mainly american schools...

I for one do regard myself as a part of geek culture (as do many who know me), despite having been popular in school, and being quite sociable. I do quite well with most kinds of people, even though I myself am not interested in spectator sports or celebrity gossip, and I never pretend I am.
It only seems apparent because that's how media and movies portray it but in most cases it's not true.

I remember most of my schools football team would play WoW after practice and noone thought anything of it. Really I cant remember any group that would fit into the stereotypes of TV and I went to number of large high schools.


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Dec 2, 2009
"nerds" have a low social intelligence because society has a low regular intelligence.

It's like you hanging around a special school for intellectual conversations because society expects it of you.

If you have a high IQ person that chooses not to interact with low IQ persons, then his social intelligence will suffer; inversely, a low IQ person interacting with other low IQ persons will not suffer for social intelligence, if you can call it that.

It's more because the former is scarcer than the latter that they have more time to practice to raise their intelligence.

More people are duckface oompa-loompas from Jersey Shore than smart people nowadays. I don't like to interact with them myself, and i praise other likeminded individuals.


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Nov 22, 2005
Meh. The subsection of "nerds" that are nerds because they're so incredibly intelligent that they're just not compatible with normal society is insanely small.

Most are just weirdos that other kids shunned for some stupid reason, like they were chubby kids, had glasses, weren't good at whatever sports the other kids were into, their parents made them wear non-trendy clothes, they liked unpopular music, ... kids are stupid and kids are assholes. It doesn't take much for someone to fall through the grid.

With enough self-esteem a kid can recover from pretty much everything. I've always been fat, for example, but I was always a loud-mouthed clown so I never had much of a problem with other kids because of it.
(I'm a lonely, depressed mess now, lol, but back in the days...)

If you lack that, however, your self-esteem is going to take a plunge to even further lows and that's when things really get bad, especially later in school. If you don't present yourself as cool, you'll never be one of the cool kids. Obviously.
You're the outcast, the one who's kinda sorta friends with the other outcast weirdos...

Of course, while growing up, your parents won't tell you you're a loser with low social skills and your obsession with one shallow topic (like Star Trek, to pick a cliche) is boring to others. They'll tell you how special you are, how artistic and smart and that the other kids are just jealous.
If you're smart you see through it and know you're the same idiot as everyone else except you're not popular. If you're not you fall for this crap and develop misguided elitism, comparing yourself to the overall always stupid masses, or to douchebags on a TV show about douchebags, for confirmation.

No offense if you, personally, are actually a highly intelligent brain of a man and you really, practically, can't be expected to socialize with the dummies around you! Although it begs the question why you wouldn't find other gifted folk, unless they're all too dumb for you too, in which case I, again, apologize.:p
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I. Kant

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Apr 9, 2007
Good thing there is Murph. 6.527 times out of 10 he writes what I wanted to say, without me having to type it all out.

There, nerds as they are spoke.